Thursday, 4 February 2016


By: Valentine Adese, Alfred Saiki and Priscilla Tapshak

As the people of Plateau State celebrate the 40th year of the state’s creation, Governor Simon Lalong, has reminded the people of the need for them to remain united, as they have a common destiny to protect.

 Governor Lalong in his address commemorating the 40th year of the creation of the state, said, the 3rd of February, 1976, was the day the common destiny of the people was defined.

The address in part reads:

“The 3rd of February, 2016, commemorates the 40th Year of the creation of Plateau State. The memory of that day in 1976 when our distinguished son and elder statesman, General Yakubu Gowon, pronounced the carving out of Plateau State from the Old Benue–Plateau State, gives us as a people every reason for thanksgiving. It was on that day that our common destiny as a people, with common faith, hope, values and cultural orientation were shaped by the geographical definition of our boundaries.

“In these forty (40) Years of our journey, we have no doubt had periods of sadness and joy; but in all of these years, the gains of our existence and struggles as a people, have given us every reason to say thank you to the Almighty for our preservation as a people, and for the exploits we have made through the distinguish selfless service of our sons and daughters in various spheres of endeavour.

“As a State we have witnessed a rise in the array of Plateau Citizens in Public Service; as a State we have seen the position our sons and daughters have occupied in Military and Paramilitary service. Not only have we produced a Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, we have occupied through dint of hard work, the highest of positions in defence, the Nigeria Custom, the Nigeria Immigration amongst others:

“Our Sons and Daughters have achieved the highest feat in the Legal Profession, the medical profession and Research Institutes.

“In the Academia, we have had our very own, head Universities across the country.

“We have made our mark in sports and the entertainment industry producing the best our country can ever imagine

 “Our State has set the pace as the moral rectitude of the nation with God’s Servants availing their blessings to Nations as they criss-cross the world to preach.”

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