Saturday, 6 February 2016


By: Valentine Adese and Alfred Saiki

All Progressive Congress (APC), Executive Committee member in Plateau State, has disclosed that, the party (APC) in the state is also responsible for most decisions of Governor, Simon Lalong, as it also contributed to the major outcomes.
Mallam Bashir Musa Sati, Plateau State Secretary of the APC, made this disclosure yesterday, in an exclusive interview with REALITY while reacting to an alleged complaint by a faceless group in the party that they are been sidelined.

According to Mallam Bashir, to accommodate more members in the decision making of the administration and the leadership of the APC in the state, the Executive Committee members, leader by Hon. Letep Dabang usually expands its coast to include others in order to make its outcomes all inclusive.

Mallam Bashir further disclosed that most appointments recently made by the state Governor, Simon Lalong, has the party’s signatures.

Reacting on the alleged observed poor performances of the Management Committees in the 17 Local Government Councils (LGCs) in the state as presented by some members of the State House of Assembly, without joining issues with the House, Mallam Bashir said, from the criteria the party used in evaluating the Committees, they have performed credibly well.    

While explaining these facts, Mallam said, “Yes, we have met severally. In fact if you would recall, just about two weeks back, we held a special executive meeting. When I say special executive meeting, I am referring to bringing in other people that were not supposed to be at the EXCO meeting. But, by virtue of their statues within the society, they were all brought in to the executive meeting.

“It was chaired by the same Chairman of the party, Hon. Letep Dabang, at the Government House and the Hon. Minister and major stakeholders were there. In fact, Sen. John Shagaya sent in an apology that he was at the USA. I still have the apology text in my phone. We directed that all the local governments should present three elders and major stakeholders, and that was how it came out to be.

“We discussed about the party in totality, as we discussed about the programmes of the present administration. We have been meeting from time to time. It’s not just like we would be meeting on a daily basis. No! The EXCO can meet from time to time. Like in the period of one year, the general EXCO can meet may be thrice, but the working committee, which is supposed to be the main machinery behind the party, would be working from time to time.
“It has been made compulsory that every member of the Working Committee must be in the office on daily basis. So, the party has also always been on alert. There has never been a time that we said “now we have won elections, let’s go and relax.”

“Let me make it very clear, it is not the governor that gave appointment to the Caretaker Committees. It is the party that nominated the Caretaker Committees. At a point in time when we noticed that there was the need to have a Caretaker Committee in place, we decided that each local government should present a list of seven names and that was exactly what was done and we gave a categorical statement as to the kind of people that should be brought on board, who must also be a card carrying member of the party, who has been with the party for a considerable period of time. We came in for the selection of the names that were given and we made recommendations to the Governor and he approved the selections.

“So, it was not His Excellency that sat down in his office and said I am picking Mr. A, B or C. The party is taking responsibility for that.

“More also, I would not say the Management Committees have failed. Performance differs even in an examination. Some people may perform excellently well, while others may perform below expectation. But, from what we have been able to gather, as a ‘party man’ the way we have assessed them, most of the Management Committees have performed credibly well.

“In which area can we say they have performed? If you look at the system that we inherited, it was one that was crises ridden. So, when we selected these Caretaker Committees, we made it very clear to them, that if for any reason there is a problem from their Local Governments, they should sure that they would go.

“The number one programme that should top their list of priorities should be security. To achieve this, we told them that, they should influence be peaceful co-existence in their local government areas. Right from the coming of the Caretaker committee, I am not too sure if there is any local government that has witnessed any major crisis like in the past. So, we can proudly say, yes, they have performed.

“We don’t measure performance by infrastructures alone. Yes! I also want you to remember how we met Plateau. In fact, I don’t think in the whole of North Central, any state had the debt burden that we inherited. It was over N222 billion. Also salary arrears for about 6 to 7 months were been owed.

“So, as you can see, the APC administrations in the state, especially, at the local government and level have been able to clear that, with little or nothing left. These are achievements, unlike the past administration that left people hungry. So, I am saying that the Caretaker Committees are doing very well.

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