Sunday, 24 April 2016


It is a fact that Plateau State as one of the federation states in Nigeria, was established years before the administration of the All Progressive Congress (APC) currently led by Rt. Hon. Simon Lalong.

The state, from facts available, was established to take care of the political yearnings of the people within its geographical definition. These needs include the need for self advancement, self-rule, self-determination, self-governance, among others.
Plateau State Map
It was also established to enhance the potentials within the territory, to enable the citizens therein to explore like any other state within the federation. 

Plateau State was expected to be built to greater heights by its people. 

Citizens in the state are expected to aspire to occupy greater political offices by joining registered political parties in the country. They are expected to aggregate high votes by building bridges across the federation to enable them occupy the countries high political offices.

It is this expectations that are not been met that has attracted more interest and condemnation from those who have high respect for the people of Plateau state.

It has been observed that most people in the state, who desire to occupy political offices, look and smile over the failures of leaders and never willfully come out to direct and assist.

They rather chose to keep their achieving strategies to their chest and mock the occupants of such political offices owing to perceived poor performances.

Although this trend is also observed at the national level also, it should be generally condemned. 

People should know that politicking with issues end immediately elections are conducted, lost and won. People should also know that the basic aim of winning an election is to better the welfare and provide the needed security for the people. It must be known that the advancement of the state goes beyond Governor Simon Lalong and his party, the APC. It must be known that achievable plans, need all hands on deck.

It is therefore high time that Plateau people and Nigerians at large expect a change of mind and attitude that would see those who have the state and the country’s interest at heart, begin to form little cogs, table the issues and their variables at hand and continue advising those currently occupying the country’s political officers.

Plateau State and Nigeria would be better governed when its people and citizens, respectively, can without sentiments, differentiate between politicking and good governance and plan beyond Governor Lalong and the APC.

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