Saturday, 23 April 2016


By: Valentine Adese

From the happenings in Plateau state, it is becoming easer to accuse the All Progressive Congress (APC) of not meeting the environmental needs and security of the people of the state with the agencies not rising up to their responsibilities.

At the inception of the administration of Governor Simon Lalong’s administration, one thing he embarked upon is the clearing of the congested popular Terminus Market in Jos, which is at the center of the city. 
Most road side marketers at that time were mostly Igbos, who were at that time complaining of lack of market space. However, in order to solve most of their problems and to prevent the state’s own Jos Metropolitan Development Board (JMDB) from continuously harassing them, their tribal men decided to build shopping malls and other shops to give most of them accommodation.

But, from REALITY findings today, the street around the Terminus Market have returned to status quo with the Hausa mobile traders, taking over in their large numbers and also extending the street blockage from Terminus to Langtang Street.

Most Commercial Bank gates around Ahmadu Bello Way in Jos, are also experiencing this mobile traders blocking the road and causing traffic holdups.   

Most people who reacted to the recent development have put the blame at the door steps of JMDB and other state agencies who are not living up to their responsibilities.

They had allegedly stated that the staff of JMDB are turning their eyes the other way now that it is the Hausas who are breaking the state laws.

“You see, we still have to blame the state Governor and his government. They have consistently told the people of Plateau state, that it is the Hausas and Fulanis that brought them to power with their votes. So what do you expect from the Civil Servants, to go against them? 

“JMDB and other agencies of the state government have left their responsibilities and are now chasing shadow targets. You constantly see them operating and arresting other tribes in other markets but dare not go close to the Hausa traders.” They reacted

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