Thursday, 26 May 2016


By: Valentine Adese and Frank Agbai

Now that the All Progressive Congress (APC) administration led by Governor Simon Lalong in Plateau State is set to recover the state’s alleged looted funds from the immediate past Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration once led by Senator Jonah David Jang in the state, the people may be in for a surprise as the administration may want to use the state’s legal system to get the alleged funds from the PDP.

Many who have observed the body language of Governor Lalong, believe the people should be prepares to watch another Nollywood political showdown.

You would recall that Governor Lalong’s APC administration has been under pressure from party loyalists to come heavily on the past administration in order to recover alleged stole funds of the state.

You would also recall that the state Chairman of APC, Hon. Letep Dabang, had rebuffed these moves on the ground that the administration should not be seen as coming into power for vendetta.

However, now that reports have it that the Lalong led administration is prepared to engage the Jang immediate past PDP administration, members of the PDP and those who were beneficiaries of the administration are poised to fight back.

Governor Lalong in several media reports recently have been quoted to have reported the situation the administration met the state financial on assumption of office on 29th May, 2016, to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC),  but to his surprise, one year after, the EFCC is yet to act.

Lalong has promised the people of the state that, “we will use what we have to recover the looted funds.”
Political observers in the state, are already preparing their minds for a showdown as the one year of Governor Simon Lalong in office, has also provided the PDP a window to fight back.

To the APC administration led by Lalong in Plateau State, the need to recover the alleged looted funds, “is now or never.”

Speaking to REALLITY, our sources in the PDP have stated that, the PDP is only waiting for 29th May, to see what Governor Simon Lalong would present as his achievements in the past Twelve (12) months and, also, what he would tell the people of the state that A and B, have been his obstacles in achieving or fulfilling his electoral promises to the people to some extent in the past one year.

“You know we are ready for this administration in the state led by Lalong. This is a one Chance Governor! We, as members of the PDP gave him victory. There is no APC on the Plateau as at then. Even now, most of the alleged APC members are back to the PDP.” They told our Reporter.

On whether it is right or wrong for the Governor to embark on the recovery exercise, they stated that, “we are not against bringing treasury looters to book. All we are hoping to see is that, he that intends to bring them to book must also come to equity with clean hands!

“As a party, we have our records since the APC and Lalong came to power. All we are doing right now since we read of the APC and Governor Lalong’s intention, we are waiting for the first shot. We shall expose to the people of the state the shocker of their lives!” 

“Let the showdown begin! Once we get our leadership right, all these things will come to pass. We lost the governorship election to Lalong because there was a serious disagreement within the party with respect to zoning. But, with that addressed, the best from PDP is yet to come.”

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