Monday, 9 May 2016


The move to free the Middle Belt (North Central Zone of Nigeria) from the control and rule of the Core North has been a historical struggle.

Many were born to meet the struggle, while others heard it as a tale but grew up to meet its reality.

The Middle Belt is a name created and carved by those who led the struggle in the past by looking and taking into consideration the geographical location of the states in question.

The problem with most people in the Southern part of the country is the inability to differentiate who a Middle Beltan is, as any communiqué in the interest of the Northern part of the country has the Middle Belt states all inclusive.

Since the death of Late Chief Solomom Lar, and his co-strugglers, who were prepared to sacrifice their lives for the emancipation of the Middle Belt states from the hands of the Core Northern states, no governor from the Middle Belt states has been able to look into the eyes of the leaders of the north and say, WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE MIDDLE BELT.

It is a historical fact that, the people of the then Midwest got their freedom from a sustained struggle from the Western part of the country and that the breaking of the Midwest into individual states, also gave them more independence and self control. It is also a fact that they never stopped the struggle until these feats were achieved.

It is therefore very wrong for the governors in the Middle Belt to bury the quest of their people in their heart and continue to lie to the north. 

In the other way, it is wrong for them to refuse to tell the leaders of the north in a gathering that they are from the Middle Belt but, sign all documents in a meeting under the umbrella of the NORTH and only come home to tell their people that they are Middle Beltans and want to study documents they have already signed, has become bidding and also made public.

Why would the Southern part of the country not be watchful?

The leaders of the middle belt should wake up and give their people a form of identity if they do not what to be called Northerners.

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