Saturday, 14 May 2016


By: Valentine Adese and Frank Agbai

There is a palpable scare in the city of Jos, the capital of Plateau State, over the poor management of a suspected Lassa fever patient who later died on her way, after several referrals from one hospital to the other with no adequate health protective measures by Our Lady of Apostle’s (OLA) and Plateau State General Hospitals.

The suspected patient who was supposed to be quarantined according to medical procedures, and owing to Lassa fever’s high level communicable potentials of been transferred to another person kept in one Hospital, was alleged to have been exposed to the family members and unsuspecting Nigerians in Jos, as they moved the patient from one Hospital to another. 

According to sources closed to the family of the diseased, (late Mrs. Oge) they were surprised when Oge’s illness was diagnosed to be Lassa fever in few hours after they arrived OLA Hospital. 

According to them, “we have been with Oge since she came back from the village. We all know she was pregnant before she travelled only for her to be ill when she came back. 

“A family Nurse and other family members have been attending to her until last week Monday when she had a miscarriage. We rushed her to OLA Hospital only for the Doctor on duty to return and inform us that the ailment was Lassa fever.

“We were also surprised that instead of quarantining her and probably us too, they yielded and directed us to transfer her to Plateau State General Hospital. 

“At Plateau State Hospital, she was rejected owing to the note that the OLA doctor gave to the family to effect the transfer and attention of the referral Hospital.

“To save her life, we proceeded to the Airforce Hospital where professionalism in medicine was put to play.
“The doctors there after diagnosing also found out that the miscarriage she had was the problem. The doctors recommended immediate evacuation of what was left after the miscarriage. It was at this stage that Oge died after losing large pounds of blood owing to poor mishandling and wrong information.

“We are now hearing that someone from the Ministry of health after over 72 hours and also after the death of Oge, is trying to know why those who were asked to be tested ran away from the Hospital. I wonder what kind of country we are in?

Are we not here in this house when you came? We have also just been told that one of the doctors has just called the husband apologizing that the diagnosis they got was in error. I hope the family will be able to take that after losing a precious person like Oge.

Do you know that even after seeing the referral note from OLA and Plateau Hospital, the doctor at Airforce Hospital used his unprotected hands to treat and manage the late sister?

The doctor told us that on seeing the patient, he knew it was a scam. He also made us to know that no hospital in the state for now can diagnose Lassa fever with such speed and time. According to him, Lassa diagnosis is at Edo state for now hence, he was not afraid nor was he willing to be directed by misinformed accompanying note.

The mother of the Husband to the diseased however, has told REALITY that the family is set for a showdown with OLA Hospital immediately the shock of the death of her daughter-in-law is brought under control. 

As a result of the exposure of the patient from OLA to Plateau State Hospital and then Airforce Hospital, people in the city of Jos have now become worried and calling for the probe of the case. This “another health disaster.” They claimed.

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