Wednesday, 15 June 2016


All protocols duly observed

We the concerned Bassa Youths Forum cutting across all ethnic, religious and party affiliations deem it fit not to be onlookers, but active participants in ensuring that good and accountable governance is delivered to all citizens and patriots of the Bassa community.

In the light of the above we would like to reinforce our support and stand for the Local Government Chairperson of Hon. Sarah Bali and the entire Management Committee, who against all odds have persevered in ensuring that the basic needs, necessities and infrastructure which the good people of Bassa Local Government Area require for better living and upward development are provided.
We note with a deep sense of sadness and disgust the recent propaganda/rumour floating across the social media platforms and questionable public places on the integrity of Hon. Sarah Bali; we hereby use this medium to disassociate all well meaning stakeholders of Bassa Local Government Area with selfish and self-centred desires of anti-progress crusaders and mudslingers.

We refuse to give in to the appalling publicity and negative manipulation being propagated! We refuse to surrender or betray the trust of the hardworking, patriotic citizens of Bassa Local Government Area to the antics of these naysayers and petty minded faultfinders.

We believe that all good and well meaning citizens of our great Local Government Area, will join hands and do everything within their power to uplift and take Bassa Local Governemt Area and our great state to newer and laudable heights.

We believe that all detractors of communal development, will come to realize their folly and rather than condemn, will praise, rather than destroy, will build, rather than castigate, will employ their God-given abilities towards the promotion of good governance and people oriented service through the good office of Hon. Sarah Bali.

The sinking of over 20 boreholes to ensure water facilities is provided in deficient communities, over 70 percent completion of Kawan Clinic, the open handed distribution of fertilizers at subsidized rates to farmers to boost farm produce at commercial rate, are amongst the innumerable commendable efforts and achievements entrenched by our able and competent Chairperson, Hon. Sarah Bali.


We pray that God almighty who has endowed Honourable Sarah Bali and the Management Committee of the Bassa Local Government Area, with the required gifts and talents indispensable for service will continually uphold them and the Bassa people. 

We pray and we are comforted that no man can cast down what the almighty God has exalted.

Sign: Comrade Ishaku Amunu

God bless Bassa Local Government Area
God bless Plateau State
God bless Nigeria 

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