Sunday, 10 July 2016


By: Valentine Adese and Frank Agbai
Hon. Nandom Ishaku Pennap, a former Chairman of Langtang North Local Government Council has strongly stated that whatever he does that benefits people and the society at large, in or outside politics, are for the glory of God.
Hon. Nandom
Hon. Nandom who finally decided to break his long silence today, while speaking exclusively with the Editor-in-Chief of REALITY Newspaper, Prince Valentine Adese, in Jos, said he is not the type of politician who goes around telling people of what he has done for others.

He said, “Whatever you do for others must be out of love and for the glory of God.”
According to him, while he was the Chairman of Langtang North, whatever he did while in office, was to the best of his ability.

“I can’t praise myself but, I know whatever I did was to the best of my ability and what I believe is good for my people.” He stated.

Reacting on the recent press statement by an unknown group under the aegis of the "Movement for the Restoration of Taroh Culture", who came out to challenge his records of achievement, Hon. Nandom simply request them to make themselves known and come out to challenge him directly instead of hiding under any cover.

Hon. Nandom Ishaku Pennap, in part said:

“There are so many things involved in politics. Politics has the good, the bad and the ugly sides. 

“You know I didn’t stay long as the Chairman of Langtang North because; I was removed by the Tribunal. So, I did not finish my tenure.

“After eleven months or so, the Tribunal sent me out of the Council. But within the 11 months that I served as Chairman, you can find out as a journalist from the people my achievements.

“I can’t praise myself but, I know that, whatever I did was to the best of my ability and what I believe is good for my people.

“When I came in as a Chairman, there were so many challenges, especially the arrears of salaries of the local government workers. There were Bank loans among others. I had to clear all these to enable me see a clearer vision.

“When I was chairman, I had to group the youths in the community, to enable me give them contracts in order to empower them for the future. You can find out this for yourself from the youths.

“I really wanted the youths to benefit from the system and to put some little businesses on ground in the community.

“For the period I represented Langtang North-North Constituency in the Plateau State House of Assembly, I also contributed my quota to the educational development of most of the youths in my Constituency by paying for the SSCE and JAMB Examinations.  

“I want to tell you that I did what I could to the best of my ability.

“I have the profile of my activities and projects that I under took within that period, from the day I became the Chairman of Langtang North Local Government Council to when I became the member representing Langtang North-North in the Plateau State House of Assembly.  I will find it and give you. When you go through it, you can make further investigations on them.

“Our society is not like before that people can simply lie and others cannot verify the truth. In this case, the Local Government is just close by and the people can confirm to you.

“Well, if they say I am not concerned about my Taroh people, it would be funny! But, let the person or people come out boldly and tell me at any forum.

“When the people of Taroh were under attacks or when they had problems of flood, I have strongly shown my concern and I have given my contributions. Just find out!

“My brother, these things in politics is not done in secret. We are talking of my people here. Whatever happens to them also affects me!

“Why would people vote for me and I would now turn my back on them and be careless. How can that happen? Who would vote for me tomorrow if I am looking for an elective office?

“Let them come out and challenge my achievements directly and not hiding under any organization or movement.

“If they are right, I will understand my mistakes. But even before I became Chairman and I was doing my trade in Abuja, I was contributing to the needs and request of my people and my other brothers in Plateau State.  Just make your findings! We have our tribal and state meetings in Abuja.

“If I have an opportunity of occupying any political office again in the future the youths would still be my priority! The youths are the future of any society, be it developing or developed. Once the youths of a society are engaged positively, it would become close to impossibility to use them negatively. 

“I have always told the youths in my community that, if I request that they engage in any violent act and my child is not among them, they should know that the action is not worthy. This is because a good parent would always want a better future for his children.

“I know how much I have spent for people, with respect to school fees, accommodation, among others but, that is left between me and my God. 

“You are a journalist, go around and find out yourself!

“My last message was to the Muslim Ummah during their recent Sallah celebration. I also always felicitate with my Christian brothers too during and Christian festivity, but, today is Sunday, I call on all to live in peace because without peace and unity, we can’t make any meaningful progress.”

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