Thursday, 27 July 2017


By: Our Reporter,

POLITICAL watchers in the country are of the strong view that on the  afternoon of 26th July, 2017,  the 8th Nigerian Senate made history with the passage of 29 Constitutional Amendment Bills.

According to these pundits, what this Constitution Review exercise represents is a foundation laying process that will create more opportunities for the young people in the country. 

Additionally, they posited that, through this process, the Senate has helped to redefine the country’s budgeting processes and has addressed numerous legal issues that have bogged the Nigerian people down for many years.

According those who spoke to REALITY, they posited that, “for many years, as a nation, we have not been saving. Today’s Constitution Review has made it binding for us to save”.

“Additionally, the Senate has shown its commitment to the fight against corruption by providing autonomy to the Attorney General and the Accountant General through this review. We have also guaranteed improved administration of our local governments, strengthened our democracy through more credible elections, and empowered our judiciary in the dispensation of justice.

“Most importantly, the 8th Senate has opened the road for a new Nigeria where younger people can run for elected positions, through the passage of the #NotTooYoungToRun Bill.

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