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By: Valentine Adese,
The Suit No.PLD/J/638/2016, instituted by Dr. Michael Owoicho Odeh, the owner of Elroi Mission Hospital in Jos, against Mr. Maduabuchi Orji, the Husband of Mrs. Sharon Stella Ifeoma Orji, at the Plateau State High Court, demanding the sum of Five Million Naira (N5,000,000.00), as damages for libel and injurious falsehood could not be heard Friday, as Dr. Michael was not in Court.

Informing the Court of the circumstance or reason(s) why Dr. Michael was not in Court when the matter came up on Friday last week, the Counsel to, Mr. Maduabuchi (the Defendant), Harrison N. Ugwuala (Esq) of H.N. Ugwuala & Partners, told the Court that, the Plaintiff’s Counsel by way of a text message, had informed him that he would not be in Court, as he could not secure Dr. Michael from the prison custody to appear in Court.
H. N. Ugwuala (Esq) said, “On my honour, I say this”.

Based on the information and the circumstance, the presiding Judge, adjourned the matter to October, 2017, for continuation of hearing.

In another development, after a prima facie case established by the Nigerian Police against, Dr. Michael Owoicho Odeh, the owner of Elroi Mission Hospital and Mrs. Orji Ifeoma Sharon Stella, the wife of Mr. Maduabuchi Orji, the owner of Choco Condiment Nig. Ltd, the police has dragged the Dr. Michael and Mrs. Orji to the Plateau State High Court on a Nine (9) count charge.

However, the Nigerian Police from their investigative report are still investigating the allegation of adultery in the matter.

From the investigative report available to REALITY, Mr. Maduabuchi, had told the Police before the investigation started that, he got married to Mrs. Sharon in 2008 and has three children with her, who are also Co-Directors in Choco Condiment Nigeria Ltd. 

That sometime in July, 2015, he started noticing strange behaviours from his wife regarding the family business and life, more especially, her relationship with Dr. Michael Owoicho, whom she introduced as a family Doctor.

According to Mr. Maduabuchi, his wife has been transferring millions of naira into the account of Dr. Michael Odeh without his consent. 

He also stated that he has a picture of the two of them having illicit affairs.

From the Court record, the NP are charging, Orji Ifeoma Sharon Stella and Dr. Michael Owoicho of, Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Misappropriation, Criminal Breach of Trust, Theft, Theft by servant of property in possession of Master, Dishonestly receiving stolen property, Assisting in concealment of stolen property, Cheating persons, and Forgery.

You would recall that the Plaintiff, Mr. Michael, in Suit No.PLD/J/638/2016, is also asking for the five million naira damages for the footing of exemplary and aggravated damages for libel and injurious falsehood resulting from the false and malicious Affidavit of Complaint, which Mr. Maduabuchi sent to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. 

Mr. Michael is seeking for an Order of Court, directing the Defendant, Mr. Maduabuchi, to retract the entire libelous Affidavit and an apology sent to him and another Order, of perpetual Injunction, restraining Mr. Maduabuchi, his agents, and privies or otherwise however described from further writing, publishing and disseminating any scandalous publication or material calculated or that tends to defame him in any manner whatsoever.

You would also recall that while giving account of the ugly development in his Statement of Claim filed by his Counsel, Soffiyullah Akinyemi Oladipo (Esq) between him, Mr. Maduabuchi and Mrs. Orji, Mr. Michael in part stated that:

Sometime in August, 2016, he received a petition from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, titled: “Re-Affidavit of Complaint of Maduabuchi Orji, against Dr. Michael Odeh Owoicho on the seduction of his wife, Mrs. Sharon Stella Ifeoma Orji, by the said Dr. Michael Odeh Owoicho.

Mr. Micheal told the Court that Mr. Maduabuchi deposed in the affidavit against him as follows:

1.      That unknown to me, Dr. Michael Odeh Owoicho had developed a personal relationship with my wife inconsistent with his medical practice and calling thereon.

2.      That having moved from Samantha Lucil Hospital, the personal and seductive relationship between Dr. Michael Odeh Owoicho and my wife blossomed.

3.      That while I was away in Owerri, Imo State, Dr. Michael Odeh Owoicho, “took over” my wife and literally became her husband.

4.      That the said Dr. Michael Odeh Owoicho will come to my house and sleep there (my bedroom) to the chagrin and embarrassment of my children and house helps.

5.      That on one occasion, my driver, Mr. Wale Ojikutu had come to my house one morning to take instructions from my wife on the day’s routine. On reaching the house, he met our children in the sitting room and enquired from them, the whereabouts of their mother. They informed him that she was in daddy’s bedroom upstairs. Being the house he is generally used to, he decided to go up stairs to see madam. The door was ajar and as it was customary for him he knocked at the door and pushed it open, lo and behold, Dr. Michael Odeh Owoicho and madam, were under the sheet. It was a scandal too nauseating to behold. My driver ran away. The same driver is ready and willing to testify to these facts.

6.      That Dr. Michael Odeh Owoicho has boasted that he would marry my wife in the presence of his friends and relations and has even proposed returning the dowry I paid.

7.      That I know that Dr. Michael Odeh Owoicho, purports to be a pastor with Church on the Rock at Rayfield, Jos. He has decided to leave his medical practice and pastoral calling for “my wife calling”. All warnings from friends to eschew himself, from this debauchery has fallen on deaf ears. He continues in enticement and seduction of my wife unabated.  

According to Dr. Michael, the embarrassment, Odium and shame to which the Affidavit of Mr. Maduabuchi, has exposed him, he was compelled to react by filing a Counter Affidavit in response to the Affidavit of Mr. Maduabuchi. 

Dr. Michael stated that the words used in the aforesaid affidavit meant and was understood to mean:

1.      That he is an unreliable person and Doctor who seduces and has improper relationship with his female patients.
2.      That he is unworthy of being a medical Doctor, as he cannot be trusted with his patients.

You would also recall that REALITY had reported that, agreeing to Doctor Michael’s interpretation of the words of the Affidavit, the Defendant in his Statement of Defence to the Suit, filed by his Counsel, Harrison N. Ugwuala (Esq) of H.N. Ugwuala & Partners, further maintained that all the depositions of fact that he made to the Medical and Dental Practitioners Investigation Panel are true and that the likes of Dr. Michael, who abuse their Doctor-patient relationships by taking advantage of their female patients are unworthy of being medical Doctors.

The Statement of Defence in part reads:

“Defendant admits the first paragraphs 8 and 9 of the cliam and further maintains that all the deposition of facts that he made in his Affidavit of Complaint to the Medical and Dental Practitioners Investigative Panel are true. In answer to the second paragraph 8 of the claim, the Defendant states that the Plaintiff and his likes, who abuse their doctor-patient relationship by taking advantage of their female patients (like the Plaintiff did with the Defendant’s wife), are unworthy of being medical Doctors.

“The second paragraph 9 of the claim is false and is denied. In further answer the Defendant maintains that all the facts stated in his Affidavit of Complaint, including the ones complained of by the Plaintiff are true, as the adulterous relationship between the Plaintiff and the Defendant’s wife clearly shows that the Plaintiff is unscrupulous Medical Doctor, who cannot be trusted with female patients”.


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