Monday, 10 July 2017


By: Valentine Adese,
Political observers in Plateau State have opined that the administrative demands of the office of the Governor of Plateau State, may have overwhelmed the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) administration led by  governor Simon Bako Lalong, as many activities of government are grounded with increasing liabilities accruing.
Pundits, who spoke with REALITY in several parts of the state, are of the opinion that the vigor with which the Lalong led administration started, at assumption of office in 2015 has been whittled down. 
According to them, apart from the ruling APC 2015 campaign promises in the state not been met, the administration has ran itself into both moral and financial liabilities in the state within its last two years in office.

They advise the Governor to slow down and do a reassessment of administration’s strength and weaknesses, before taking any further strategic step.

Most of the observers, while sympathizing with Governor Simon Lalong, held that, the Governor’s vision for the state seems to be on the frustrating lane by those around him that are working at cross purpose with him.

These Pundits in part told REALITY that:

“At inception of this administration, Governor Lalong promised the people of the state that he will use all possible means legal, to recover the N222 billion alleged incurred by the immediate past administration, led by Sen. Jonah Jang. Where is the EFCC and where is the money? Rather, the Governor has taken to self help and today Sen. Jang is challenging him and his administration in the Plateau State High Court. 

“The Governor, Promised the people of the state, the creation of jobs. Where are they? What the people are rather seeing is the creation of more appointments for his party members. This is not administration but a continuation of campaign!

“Although he is paying salaries now, he has abandoned his promise to pay gratuity, which retirees need more. The liability on gratuity is now amounting to over N20billion. Even on the salary payments, the Local Government Employees are not faring any better. They are still been paid half salaries and now their arrears is now getting to five (5) months.

“Morally speaking, the sacking of elected Chairmen in the state, at the inception of the Lalong’s administration was a wrong calculation that has gone bad. This is hanging on the neck of Governor Lalong. To double the punishment, the Courts have lambasted the ruling APC administration of sacking the Councilors and that of the Chairman still pending. 

“The weight of the liability of sacking the elected Chairmen and imposing his party members on the people is now bearing fruits, as there is no money to pay the Management Committees! This to us is already overwhelming Governor Lalong and his administration, as we speak.

“The Governor, since inauguration is yet to commission any tangible project that has direct benefit to the state. What we see in the last two years, were mere commissioning of lockup shops by the out gone Management Committee Chairmen and their Members and to some extent, the colouration of some projects left behind by Sen. Jang.

“The most worrisome is the way his appointees are working at cross purpose with his vision. They are already fronting for their ambition for 2019 when they are yet to assist the Governor achieve his mandate in the first four years.

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