Saturday, 8 July 2017


By: valentine Adese and frank Agbai,
After a prima facie case established by the Nigerian Police against, Dr. Michael Owoicho Odeh, the owner of Elroi Mission Hospital and Mrs. Orji Ifeoma Sharon Stella, the wife of Mr. Maduabuchi Orji, the owner of Choco Condiment Nig. Ltd, the police has dragged the suspects to the Plateau State High Court on a Nine (9) count charge.

However, the Nigerian Police from their investigative report are still investigating the allegation of adultery in the matter.

From the investigative report available to REALITY, Mr. Maduabuchi, had told the police before the investigation started that, he got married to Mrs. Sharon in 2008 and has three children with her, who are also Co-Directors in Choco Condiment Nigeria Ltd. 

That sometime in July, 2015, he started noticing strange behaviours from his wife regarding the family business and life, more especially, her relationship with Dr. Michael Owoicho, whom she introduced as a family Doctor.

According to Mr. Maduabuchi, his wife has been transferring millions of naira into the account of Dr. Michael Odeh without his consent. 

He also stated that he has a picture of the two of them having illicit affairs.

From the Court record, the NP are charging, Orji Ifeoma Sharon Stella and Dr. Michael Owoicho of, Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Misappropriation, Criminal Breach of Trust, Theft, Theft by servant of property in possession of Master, Dishonestly receiving stolen property, Assisting in concealment of stolen property, Cheating persons, and Forgery.



“That you Orji Ifeoma Sheron Stella “f” and Dr. Michael Owoicho Odeh “m” on divers dates in 2015 and 2016, at Choco Condiments Nig. Ltd. Jos, of No.9 Mission street, Jos North LGA of Plateau State, within the jurisdiction of this honourable Court, did commit an illegal act to wit: Criminal Conspiracy, when you conspired amongst yourselves to o or cause to be done an act of conspiracy against Choco Condiments Nig. Ltd, Jos, by using the personal account of Orji Ifeoma Sheron Stella with First Bank number3094216887 for payment of monies for purchase of Chemicals and drinks by customers of the said company, which the realized sum of twenty nine million (N29,000,000.00) (as of then) was withdrawn by you, Orji Ifeoma Sharon Stella, on 14/4/2016 and deposited into your personal account number 1233060222 with Eco Bank Plc and on the 06/5/2016, you, Orji Ifeoma Sharon Stella, withdrew and added to the other proceeds of sale and payment by customers of the company, totaling Forty Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand naira (N45, 500, 000.00) and paid it into the Eco Bank account number 1233062037 and 1233068521 the personal accounts of Dr, Michael Owoicho Odeh “m” leading to the collapse of the Business of the company Choco Condiments Nig. Ltd, Jos, pursuant to your agreement. You thereby committed an offence contrary to section 96 and punishable under section 97 of the penal code laws of Northern Nigeria”.


“That you Orji Ifeoma Sharon Stella, “f” and Dr. Michael Owoicho Odeh “m” on divers dates in 2015 and 2016 at Choco Condiments Nig. Ltd, Jos of No. 9 Mission street, Jos North LGA of Plateau State, within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, did commit an illegal act to wit: Criminal Misappropriation , when you dishonestly converted and misappropriated the sum of Seventeen Million naira (N17m) being proceed from the sale of products of Choco Condiments Nig. Ltd, property of the said company which you used Six million naira (N6m) being part of the said sum in buying a landed property for yourself at No.434 Zaria Road, behind St. Murumba College Jos and another property at Abuja for the sum of nine Million naira (N9m) and also two million naira (N2m) under the pretence of retainership with Elroi Mission Hospital belonging to Dr. Michael Owoicho Odeh without the approval and consent of the company Choco Condiments Nig. Ltd Jos or its Director.

You thereby committed and offence contrary to and punishable under section 309 of the penal code law of Northern Nigeria”.  

The matter is slated for 13th July, 2017, further hearing of the bail application of Dr. Michael and others.

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