Monday, 31 July 2017


OK, if the above is the case, why is it that Muslims don't honour this part of the constitution? Are they above the law? 

In the faulted 1999 constitution that favors a section of the country, it's written that there shall be freedom to religion and worship. I guess I'm not wrong? 

The Jigawa state government recently demolished two mighty churches, the Redeemed Christian Church and The Lord's Chosen church. The constitution that protects the rights of all Nigerians was not considered, respected and honored. Churches were demolished in favour of Islam and nothing happened. Other churches have been penciled down for demolition, when it happens, nothing will happen. 

In the same Jigawa State, Christians have been marginalised from governance. Every appointment has been for Muslims for about ten years now. There is an obvious evil plan against Christians in Nigeria. Jigawa state is queuing being Kaduna state. I am very optimistic that before long, other Northern States governed by Muslims, will join the queue. 

In Kaduna state, El-Rufai is carrying out the Islamic agenda by killing the Christians and planning to demolished all structures in Christians dominated communities that have many hospitals, schools, churches, etc. 

In some Northern States, Christian are very marginalized. Apart from not being part of the government, they are not given lands to build schools churches and other things that would impact positively in their lives. 

The same 1999 constitution does not support killing of fellow Nigerians. So, why is it that Muslims are killing people freely and the government of the day is doing nothing? Why is no Muslim-killer convicted? Why is government giving money to the Fulani herdsmen and Boko haram terrorists? 

Take it or leave it, Christians have become second class citizens in this country. Our blood is nothing to the enemies of God! We don't count in this country! There is God! 

It's crystal clear that the faulty constitution upgrades Islam and downgrades Christianity.

It's very very certain that Christians are going to partake in the forthcoming 2019 elections in the name of 'ONE NIGERIA'. What is really happening? When are Christians going to realize to take the bull by the horn? 

Should Christians accept to be second class citizens in this country? 

The powers that be are pushing for Islamic domination over Christianity. 

I refuse to be miffed and bereft of words in saying that in Nigeria, all religions are not equal. It's clear that the agenda for Islamization is real. It's already in motion in the Islamic 'ONE NIGERIA'. 

Do you call and wish a country where you're marginalized, deprived, subjugated to constant fear, intimidation, harassment, decimation and annihilation, to remain as 'ONE NIGERIA'? Only fools will remain blinded to support the oneness of this country. Are you a fool? I hope not. 

I know that certainly no human on earth willingly allows himself to be deprived of his freedom. Christians are the problems of the Christians. I earnestly pray that Christians are jolted to reality. Let the gullible Christians begin to rethink and take a U turn, a total reverse gear from supporting evil, thereby, refraining from mortgaging the future of Christianity. The time to stand up to the occasion is now! 

 Christians need to apply wisdom from now on. Of course, wisdom is profitable to direct, says the Holy Bible. 

Just my one of my crazy and scattered thoughts...... 

I remain,
Stevola Biglambert De-King

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