Saturday, 29 July 2017


Democracy is not a jolly ride, it is "Magu me, I Dino you" or just ask Trump how the US judiciary has held him to his balls on Muslim ban into USA? Thank them though! So America should delete it's Judiciary because of Trump? NO!

Kill Senate! Kill reps!! Kill National Assembly!!! All because you want one person (Buhari) to have a smooth ride in the presidency. The same National Assembly that saved us of Obasanjo's rascality called "third term" or is it life presidency? Some of us want it deleted! Pure emotions!

Learn to live with it, Democracy is a cat walk, it is a rat race, it is scheming, maneuvers and lobbying within the alphanumerical compilation/arrangement called 'constitution'.

Now, the National Assembly that some of us want to kill has passed the Peace Corp bill, that will provide employment for thousands of jobless youths, no one is praising them. No hashtags created, No commendation from even the youth groups, whom the bills is made to benefit, may the bill not die on Buhari's table, Ameen!! 

No one should have unchecked powers in a country like Nigeria, where even a messenger wants to do and undo, otherwise we end up in a dictatorship, it is said that "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"
The National Assembly is not a creation of the presidency nor the executive, both have powers derived from same source (constitution), and none can hold or can be blackmailed into submission to the other. 

If the problem people have is with Saraki or Dogara, all of them will come and go, just like Buhari too and the Institutions will remain. 

It Is only fair that we (masses) continue to push for a strong system/institutions that will work, irrespective of who is in an office, not bending It over backwards to suit immediate purposes.

Yahaya M.U

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