Thursday, 6 July 2017


By: Valentine Adese and Frank Agbai,
Chief Nanyah Daman, the Plateau State Chairman of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) has stated that the on-going media pronouncements by appointees of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state concerning the achievements of the state Governor Simon Bako Lalong, are half truths.
Chief Nanyah, who stated this in a live Radio programme on TinCity 104.3 fm, with Ponsah Fanap, monitored by REALITY, also said the fertilizers that is been produced in Plateau State as claimed by the appointees is a repackaged product.
Nanyah said, “They have agreed with their own mouth that they bought the fertilizers from Kano. What you now see in the state is a repackaged brand. They should stop telling us lies. We know the alleged factory and can speak on it.

According to Nanyah, “if the peace been enjoyed in Plateau State is achieved through a process, the question would be, who then takes the credit? Why are they trying to put aside the efforts of late GNS Pwajok, Sen. Jang and others in this process? What of people like late Sen. Dangton, and Gyang Fulani, who lost their lives in it? Even though this administration created what it now calls a Peace Agency in the state, what would you say of the entire efforts of the last PDP administration led by Sen. Jang on the Plateau?

“If peace has been attained, why are the people in the state not integrated in their social activities yet? Why can’t I go to COCIN in Anagwan Rogo and the people from Angwan Rogo come and do their usual trading and other worshiping activities in the order divide yet?
“So, a better evaluation of the peace issue would tell you that they in the ruling APC are merely lying to the people about their claim concerning the peace in the state.

“Please, ask them, are people not being killed to date in their farm lands? Are people not afraid to date of going to farm? They spoke of Riyom Local Government Area and other parts of the Northern zone of the state. In all, what they have been propagating are half truths!
Chief Nanyah said he is worried over the silence of the Plateau State House of Assembly members in relation to the happenings in the state. He told Ponsah Fanap at Tincity and the audience, while field answers to further questions that, the House of Assembly members are looking the other way, while Governor Lalong led administration is collecting loans without their approval.

Chief Nanyah said, “The House is silent and dormant, they are failing the people by not checking the excesses of the Executive. Apart for not giving account on how much the state has received from the free money coming in from the Federal Government in the last two years, they House has failed the people of the state by not also checkmating their utilization.

“This Governor Lalong’s administration from record has only approached the House of Assembly three times in the past two years when it was seeking for loan. But from what I know, the APC administration has collected several loans without approaching or getting the approval of the House 5 times through the state Ministry of Finance.

“I am of the view that the House must rise up to this in the interest of the state. Loans should be processed with the approval of the House, so that the Debt Management Office would have a perfect record and administration in the state.

“We in ADP stand for good governance and that we are poised to give to the masses, come 2019 in the state.

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