Tuesday, 4 July 2017


By: Valentine Adese and Joy Olohi,

As the Federal and State Governments in Nigeria  continue to explain through statistical data on whether the country is still in recession or not, the effects of a country being in recession is continually ravaging the masses and restructuring their traditional style of living before the present administration of the All Progressive Congress (APC) came to the saddle.
REALITY investigation holds that, the family units in Nigeria, apart from restructuring their economic needs, have gone further to restructure their natural procreative habits.

Facts are that, in the past, the men in Africa, especially in Nigeria, engage in activities that would earn income to the family, while the women (Married or single), manned the home front and breed the young ones for the future.

As it stands now, reports from the field shows that more women are now engaged in white collar jobs, petty market trading and military/paramilitary related occupations in the country in their huge numbers, with the singular aim of earning salary or profits that would assist or argument the earnings of their husbands and to further make life meaningful for their little family units rather than, engage in procreation only. 

Deep into Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State, the traditional life style of the people have also changed, as the issue of better care for the girl child among other children has come top most with the recession period. The constant adding of more wives to the family unit has simply started fading away with the recession phenomenon in the area. 

It is also observed that in the state, the level of wedding bells have drastically reduced, as the finances of many young men, who may want to marry have gone low and the fear of failing in marriage has hit a lager chunk.

Although the change of this behavior never started automatically in the immediate past two years, REALITY finding shows that the trend took an alarming scale within the recession being experienced by the nation. 

In Plateau State, the maternity wards of most hospitals have dropped in actives, even the cases of Virginia Vascular Fistula (VVF), have reduced, as more of accident and life threatening are regular.

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