Saturday, 29 July 2017

Throw Away Your lazy Attitudes, Sultan Advises Northern Governors

By: Our Reporter,
The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Abubakar, condemned what he considered as the lazy attitude of some northern governors to governance.

The sultan said the governors must show practical commitment to discharging their duties by avoiding procrastination and implementing decisions capable of turning around the poor situation of the north.
Coming from the sultan, it is an indication that the northern establishment is set for self-evaluation. It is no longer prepared to pamper the issue of poor development in the north as the sultan’s call on the region’s political leadership to brace to the challenges of development is unmistakeable.
At a joint meeting of the Northern Governors’ Forum and traditional rulers at Sir Kashim Ibrahim House in Kaduna, the sultan said the northern elite must throw away their lazy attitude.

He urged traditional and religious leaders to guard their utterances and avoid inciting words which could cause chaos, saying that negative stories could be circulated by rumour mongers on the social media.

“During our last meeting six months ago, we spent a lot of time to discuss many things, but from the earlier discussion, is the north much better now than we were six months ago? If yes, it means we are making progress, if no, why?

“All that has been the problem is to implement decisions taken at such a meeting by everybody. I think we are not short of solutions to all our problems, what we are short of, all of us, is sincerity and commitment to really do what we say publicly. If we don’t change, our situation will continue to get worse.

“At this meeting, we need to discuss what came out of the January meeting, how far we have gone in trying to implement some of the decisions we have taken and chart the way forward.

“I should remind us, so many of us who are also religious leaders, to be cautious over inciting utterances and ambiguous words on issues that shouldn’t have been brought up.

“What we do or how we go about some of these issues, you don’t make ambiguous statements which will be very difficult to withdraw. We are aware of the implications because the social media is so negative now that people formulate stories that never existed and polish them to be true,” the monarch cautioned.

However, while commending some governors for hard work and resilience with regard to education in the north, he said the traditional rulers were collectively committed to making the north the envy of the rest of the world.

“But we have to and we must be up and doing, we must throw away our lazy attitude because, whatever problems we have in our region, we are more educated to find solution to them. I assure you of our support, and you must continue to see us (traditional rulers) as partners in this long and tough journey to emancipating our people from the grip of poverty and lazy life.”

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