Wednesday, 19 July 2017


By: Godfrey  Sunwar.

Mr. Dung Dalyop, a retired Superintendent of Police (SP) has also added his voice towards the need to restructure Nigeria and the need to also establish state police in the 36 states of the federation.

Mr. Dalyop, who spoke in an exclusive interview in Jos, said the need for state police cannot be over emphasized, with the high level of insecurity facing the country and the need to save live and property across communities, the state and the nation at large.

According to the retired police officer, in a democracy, such as that of Nigeria, the needs of the people should be more important to government, but that, owing to Nigerian’s democracy that is been over stretched by sentiments, leaders have continued to fail the people.

He said, “Democracy is about what the people want. Nigerian democracy is going backwards daily because of sentiments. When it comes to election, people would be looking at religion, tribe and where one comes from, instead of looking at the persons’ credibility and what he can offer on the mandate.

SP Dalyop explained that, the level of insecurity challenging the country today, can be checked, if the call for restructuring of the country is upheld by the masses. He posited that the restructuring of the country should be more driven into the security system of the country, by allowing each state in the federation have its own police. 

He said with a state police, community policing would be achievable and effective. 

“There are agitations going on for the restructuring of the country. I support that. I want the security outfits to also be restructured because, I prefer state police at this level of our development”. He maintained.

Lamenting on the current political developments in the country, side by side the political sentiment and fight against corruption that is beclouding the country, SP Dung Dalyop stated his mind as follows:

“President Muhammadu Buhari was voted largely because he is a Muslim by his people in the far north. You would recall that he came up with the issue that, power must go back to the north and when you talked about power coming to the north, to my mind, he meant Islam.

“As far as I am concerned, President Buhari has nothing to offer Nigerians and, Nigerians knew this but, because of religion everybody, especially from the north, were saying, “Sai Baba! Then they voted him!”

“You would recall that he had tried leading this countryin the past when he came in as a Military Head of State, years ago and he failed. Yet, he is the same person we have brought back to lead us again today, 30 years after!

“I am not saying this because he is in the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), I will still say it, if he was in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“I was a young officer then when he was the Head of State. We know what happened in the country. For you to get a tin of milk, you have to be in a queue from morning to night. Sometimes you might not even get.
“Fighting corruption that he is talking about, Nigerians know that he is being selective. He is not touching his people.

“The present government is more corrupt than the immediate past administration. Corruption is now everywhere and Nigerians are seeing it! So, where is the Democracy?

“Col. Dasuki was arrested on corruption charges and the laws we have in this country provides that he is entitled to bail, which the courts have granted him severally. Yet this has been denied him by the administration. A court of competent jurisdiction would give an order, but the President would counter it. Is this Democracy?

‘To me, we were better off during President Jonathan’s administration because, there was obedience to the rule of law in the country. For the war on corruption to thrive in Nigeria, we must all imbibe an attitudinal change. Nigeria’s system is corrupt because, everybody is expecting something!”.

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