Thursday, 31 August 2017


By: Alfred Saiki and Raji Ronke,
Amidst the petition sent by an unnamed group against the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) Vom, alleging that Plateau State indigenes have exceeded their employment quota in the Institute, the Executives of Plateau Youth Council (PYC), have advised the Management not to be distracted by it.
Dr. Fabong Yildam and members of his EXCO who paid a courtesy call on the Institute yesterday, to show support and seek ways for better collaboration with the Institute , advised the management of the Institute not to get distracted.
Dr. Fabong who spoke on behalf of members of his EXCO, informed the Directors of the Institute present at the hall during the courtesy call that, PYC was a pressure group that is non-political, non-tribal and do not have any inclination to religion, hence the body only stands for justice and equity.

While congratulating the management of the Institute on their contributions to not just Plateau state, but Nigeria as a whole, Dr. Fabong stated that, “We are here as youths of Plateau State, to seek areas of collaboration with this Institute. We are here to seek collaboration because, we have made our pledge with the Executive Governor of Plateau State and the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, that in as much as we are not ignorant of the fact that the eruption of violent conflict and their likes is perpetrated by the youths, we are committed to contributing our own quota to sustaining the peace that has returned to Plateau state”. 
On the said publication in one of the National dailies, accusing the Institute of over employing indigenes of Plateau State in a petition, Dr. Dr. Fabong, encouraged the Management of the  Institute not to get distracted as some people might want to derail the good job they are doing and take them off the path of success. 

In his words, Dr. Fabong said, “We are not reactionary people. We would not want to begin to make response to the story about the petition without making our adequate investigations. We see the petition, as a serious distraction written by faceless people, who will not come to ask the real matter of the issues and challenge the issues as they are”.

 The Acting Executive Director of the Institute Dr. David Shamaki, who was glad with the visit of PYC Executives to the Institute, told the members of PYC that the issue of distraction is normal and that they expect it from time to time since the Institute can never please everybody at all times.
However, in response to the petition, Dr. Shamaki stated thus, “We just received the petition from the Federal Character Commission (FCC) this morning and we have not yet sat down to respond to it. Off course like you said, it has to do with employment and the assertion is that Plateau state has exceeded its quota. Well, that is an assertion but, we are going to do our own analysis and send a reply to the Federal Character Commission”.

Adding that, “I would like to say that the last staff audit we did with the FCC, we showed a disposition of all the states, and they said well, even though there is some infringement in some of the cadres, the Institute has done fairly well! That was their comment at that time in terms of spread of states”.
 “On behalf of management, I would like to pledge that we would do our best to make sure that we conform to the rules and standard of the constitution and of the FCC but, whatever is due to the state, we would make sure that it is given to the state. 

“And, based on FCC guideline, we would make sure that whatever is due to other states, they shall also get”.

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