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In this interview with, the Editor-in-Chief of REALITY, Prince Valentine Adese, the Plateau State Chairman of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) Chief Nanyah Daman, explained that the Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, cannot shift his delegated responsibility of securing the people and funding PLASIEC for the election and that, the ADP has taken the leading opposition role, to continue to speak on behalf of the suffering masses because, other political parties have gone silent.

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The Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong has signed the Local Government Harmonized Law. People have therefore opined that, the blame has now shifted to the Chairman of Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC) to now conduct elections. Do you share this view?

To some extent I share this view of the people that the bulk now lies on the table of PLASIEC, to give a date for the conduct of Local Government elections and also make available the programmes of activities that would eventually lead to the local government elections to registered political parties operating in the state.
However, it should be of note that, despite the fact that the Governor has signed into Law the Local Government Harmonized Law, for PLASIEC to use and conduct elections, there are other things he needs to put in place. 
The Governor must still be responsible for the security of the people, constantly reviewing it and beefing up security when necessary. The Governor must make funds available to PLASIEC for the printing of electoral materials. 

It is also the responsibility of the Governor to be fair to all parties in the contest by creating a level playing ground.

The issue of secretiveness in the exercise should be shunned by all, including the Governor. All parties contesting in the election must be fed with needed information and be carried along.

I am saying this because, we are yet to see fairness in this All Progressives Congress (APC) administration in the state. All the ruling APC’s administration is doing since 29th  May, 2015 in the state, has continually been to the interest and benefit of themselves, leaving other registered political parties out. 

We as ADP, feel that should not be the case. Because if we have good governance in the state and in the country at large, there should have been a level playing ground, fairness and justice by now!

However, It is therefore true that part of the blame if elections are not conducted now in the state has been shifted to PLASIEC.

PDP has been on the political stage for over 16 years in the state, the party is also seen as that leading opposition party. But with recent developments in the state, the ADP has constantly played the leading role of the opposition in Plateau state since it was registered by INEC. Why this role?

It is because of the structure of the ADP in the state my brother Valentine. It is also because of the personalities running the affairs of the ADP in the state and at the national level. It is more because the party takes issues concerning the masses very serious.
It is also because, the party knows and feels the pains of Nigerians. We know the people of Plateau state are tired with the style the APC is adopting in governing them. We know the people are so disappointed with the APC in the state hence, the ADP as a party, always takes any opportunity, to speak for the people.

We use the criticism to also advise the Governor of the state on what is on ground and what he should do. We feel the other political parties are too silent on the worries of the masses.

The role of the opposition is to set agenda for government and this is what we do and will continue to do, for the benefit of the masses.

If you take a censors now,  you would see that, Nigerians believe in the ADP now because we are now the true opposition in the country!

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