Monday, 7 August 2017


By: Valentine Adese, 
The situation of Patients in Nigerian Hospitals is getting worst daily, with the persisting economy recession, as most Hospitals in the country have resolved to also increase their method of revenue generation and exploitation at the expense of innocent Nigerians, who cannot pay for Hospital cards and files, not to talk of paying their medical bills.

You would recall that REALITY had earlier reported that, most patients are held back in various Hospitals as prisoners, pending the settlements of their bills. 

In Plateau state, most Hospitals now have occupants who are patients that cannot offset their bills, owing to their low or lack of economic power and are therefore held back in the Hospitals as prisoners pending the payment of their bills, REALITY investigation reveals.

However, while investigating the cost of producing the Hospital cards that are been sold to patients at an outrageous price of N1500. 00 and in some cases N2000. 00 and above, REALITY discovered that the cost of producing an Out Patient Department (OPD) card through professional printers in Plateau state is between N6,00 to N7.00 per card, while a Hospital file that is produced at the cost of N50.00 to N100. 00 per file is sold to patients between N1000.00 to N1200.00. 

More also, the cost of producing Antenatal Card from printers is N10.00 per card but investigation shows that Hospitals in Plateau state, sell same cards for N1200.00.

You would also recall that REALITY had reported that most Patients in ECWA Hospital in Jos, have complained painfully about the high rates of medical services in the Christian based Hospital. They have stated that, apart from picking the Hospital card for N1500.00, screening of blood samples cost close to N6000.00.

They said apart from the cost, the slow process of attending to patients in the Hospital is of concern, as most deaths recorded in the hospital are mostly based on it.

They therefore, have called on the State and Federal Governments to put a check on the Hospitals in order to know how donated bloods by good Nigerians to the Hospitals are put to use, as they suspect that they are sold to patients allegedly.

“We are worried because, Nigerians donate their bloods freely to the Hospital to save life. The federal and state governments must put a check to know and see how they are put to use. Since we have been in this hospital, we have suspected how the donated bloods are used. Sometimes, we feel they are sold to patients.
“You must know that, even those that donate blood in this Hospital are left at God’s mercy, as they are not provided for. The donors buy milk and other life saving things to take after donation from their pickets.” They stated.

Concerned Nigerians are using this medium also, to call on all governments in the country, to visit these Hospitals to free these citizens and also check the hospital billing systems.

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