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“Corruption is possibly the worst evil that this country has experience or will experience because it definately is the major reason why this country is set back economically .There is no other single reason, the simple reason is corruption because this country has resources and not just material resources but human resources in abundance.

The fact that someone cornered the resources for themselves  Is what account for where we are today economically". Acting President Professor Yemi Osibajo.

Gentle men of the Press


It has become imperative for us to convene  this press conference to challenge the worrisome development inhibiting the fight against corruption, mis governance, transparency and accountability in governance which will provide good democratic practice In Nigeria.

We are activist committed to the Nigeria project; that have been active in the pro-democracy and human right struggles against military Regimes, to enthrone  democracy and good governance in Nigeria. Our Resolve and quest for Civil rule and good governance is  what propels us to support the campaign and fight against corruption and mis governance in all its ramification.

We are not  in doubt that the fight is a herculean task as corruption Is quite endemic in the country and will surely fight back. These in essence has further  endear us to the urgent need  to re-invent the will to fight the "fight back syndrome" .it is these individuals and groups that have looted resources  of this country, that  depressed  our economy and are now using the ill-gotten wealth to emasculate the fight against corruption.
Gentle Men of the press, we are all living witness to the fact  that corruption and mis governance have worsen the fault lines among our citizens which fuels agitation for disintegration and dismemberment of the country along regional and ethnic lines, interestingly corruption knows no bound, ethnicity or religion  and have so far undermined national projects capable of transforming the lives of Nigerians there by making us a victim.

Having closely observed these sad and self inflicted negative development in our country. We as activist of Northern extraction consider it duty bound to come out forcefully in support of the fight against corruption and bad governance. It is not  in doubt that the ills of corruption and bad governance is worst felt in this part of the country. As a matter of fact, we don't need any statistics to show the high level of poverty, despondency and illiteracy in the North.

Arising from these sad and shameful state of  Northern Nigeria and Nigeria  as a whole, we have no other option than to fully support the campaign and fight against corruption and bad governance at all levels as enunciated by the Buhari Administration.

29th May, 2015 and The State of Corruption in Nigeria

Given the overwhelming support given to the APC and its presidential candidate President Muhammadu Buhari a new dimension to the fight against corruption was introduced. While other regimes turned deaf ears and tight lips over  alleged corruption cases and practices, the  Muhammadu Buhari administration emphatically stated its zero tolerance to corruption.

In its resolve to drive home its point that it is either" we kill corruption or corruption will kill Nigeria". It immediately set up and inaugurated  the presidential advisory committee, initiated several executives bills to aid the fight against corruption and most recently the appointment of Ibrahim Magu  as the chairman of EFCC.

since the appointment of Ibrahim Magu as acting chairman of EFCC, he has been able to rejuvenate and transformed  the EFCC. The anti-corruption drive took a result-yielding dimension. It is on record that many are being investigated, charged to court for prosecution, and jailed. there is also increasing cases of seizure and forfeiture of ill-gotten assets, recovering of looted funds both within and outside Nigeria, of most importance is his determination and courage to demystify corruption and corrupt practices in Nigeria. Of utmost importance is his integrity to fight on and ready to stake his integrity for the  sustenance of the fight against corruption.

In his words,  " If we don't work  today  and fight against corruption, the future is not guaranteed, the future of our children is not guaranteed. So we must wake up, where ever  you find yourself, fight corruption,  ANYTIME YOU DISCOVER  THAT I AM CORRUPT EXPOSE ME" Ibrahim Magu.

"It is in the light of the above that
·         We call on all well meaning Nigerians to speak out, campaign and  fight against corruption in all its ramifications of life. As corruption has and can still undermine our capacity as a people and as a nation.
·         We call on the National Assembly to expedite action on all anti-corruption related bills pending before the National Assembly.
·         We call on the executive arm of government to give all the necessary support to Ibrahim Magu to fight corruption and corrupt practices to its logical end.
·         The executive arm must not allow itself to be derail, or succumb to misguided criticism, cheap blackmail and political hara-kiri by corrupt elements and institutions.
·         We call on Ibrahim Magu to remain steadfastly focused, committed and resolute in his commitment to the fight against corruption and NEVER  be in any way be  distracted by the issue of confirmation.
·         We call on the Presidency never to allow itself to be swayed into the erroneous suggestion of replacing Ibrahim Magu as the chief executive of the EFCC. If the Presidency allow  Itself to be blackmailed by any individual,  groups or  institutions,  it will readily compromise the fight against corruption and bad governance. It will also  undermine the administration thrust of fighting corruption in Nigeria  with attendant negative consequence.

Finally, we want to reiterate  our disdain for corrupt and corrupt practices in all spheres of our National life.
We fully declare our support for a corrupt free Nigeria, and the able leadership of Ibrahim Magu at EFCC.
"Every generation must out of its relative obscurity must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it" Franz Fanon.

Naseer Kura                                                                          Steve Aluko- Daniel
Deputy National Co-ordinator                                             National Co-ordinator

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