Tuesday, 29 August 2017


By: Alfred Saiki,
Political watchers in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State have continued to hail the activities of the Local Government Chairman of the Action Democratic Party, (ADP), Hon. Azi Elijah Itesgok for identifying with the youths of the LGA.
You would recall that, Hon. Azi had stated that, the ADP has as a policy in their manifesto, to allow youths to gain 50% participation in the affairs of the party and also to control 50% elective offices in the local government with women of the area.
Pundits, who have been making calls to REALITY since yesterday, while commending the ADP and Hon. Azi, stated that, “The ADP from their published democratic vision and adopted option A4, is becoming a darling party to the masses. It is more grass-root oriented and the people now believe in them. 

“We never knew that the ADP has an office in Jos North until we read REALITY report yesterday with respect to the interview granted by Hon. Azi. We wish him well! His vision and that of his party are practicable, realizable and achievable.”   

You would recall that Hon. Azi, in an exclusive interview with REALITY yesterday, had hinted that the problems causing disunity in Jos North Local Government of Plateau State may soon come to an end, as the ADP sets to unveil the plans of the party for the youths and women.

He also disclosed that the party wants to engage the youths in order to give them a sense of place in the political affairs of the local government area.

He said the political methodology of politicians using the youths and women and dumping them after was bad and that “It has been the cause of most disaffection in the area.
The ADP chairman of the LG promised to give 50% representation to the youths.

Hon. Azi in part had said:

“The Action Democratic Party (ADP), want to bring back unity among the people living in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State. You know that for many years, the immediate past administration in the state led by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) could not conduct elections in the Local Government and now the All Progressives Congress (APC) has not been able to conduct too”. 

“We on our own have realized that the problem is lack of unity among the residents in the LGA usually caused by Politicians. The politicians are using the electorates and dumping them after elections but, for us as a party, we have plans, as a political party, to offer the women and youths 50% political appointments and elective positions. 

“We want to encourage the youths, we want to also mobilize them so that they can be more responsible by engaging them in the political activities, thereby making them not to have reasons to fight or cause any destruction during or after the forthcoming  LGC elections”.

“We are very ready for the local government elections once the government gives the go ahead. We have our EXCOS in place in all the 20 wards in Jos North. As I speak to you now, a lot of people have already shown interest in contesting the Chairmanship and Councilor positions under our party platform, the Action Democratic Party (ADP). We have also made our plans, so like I said earlier, we are ready.

“With all the plans we have on ground, by His Grace, we would win not just councillorship positions in Jos North but, also the Chairmanship.”

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