Thursday, 21 September 2017


By: Valentine Adese, Alfred Saiki, Agnes Nendima and Kevin D. Gaji,
It is no longer news that, Chief Sunny Odey (Esq) is aspiring to be the next National Legal Adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

However, what is not known to the public, especially, his party members, are some of his hidden qualities that would enable him perform better and effectively, as the National Legal Adviser based on REALITY check, if voted in.

 REALITY check can reveal that Chief Odey (Esq) is a Lawyer of close to 30 years standing and has gained experiences not traceable to any classroom example, as over the years he has delved into various cases of high profile nature, both Political and Civil.

Among Lawyers of his age in the Bar, Chief Odey stands out as one, who has friends cutting across the North and South of Nigeria, even though he hails from the South-South zone of the country.

Many, who know him, have boldly described him as a calm, composed and friendly Lawyer, to both Litigants and Co-Lawyers, in court rooms and outside it. 

According to them, “Chief Sunny Odey is an exemplary ‘Gentleman’ in handling issues.”

 Facts are that before the Sen. Sheriffs issue that rocked the PDP, Chief Sunny Odey has been the better candidate and a very difficult one to beat. REALITY checks can authoritatively state.

With the zoning of the National Legal Adviser’s position to the South-South zone, and if maintained by the Sen. Makarfi led PDP, with the promise of non-imposition and non-restriction of any candidate upheld and practiced, the chances of Chief Odey (Esq) would be like a river giving huge latitude to the fish to swim. 

Findings by REALITY also shows that the quest of Chief Odey for one of the top jobs of the PDP may not be born out of pecuniary reason(s), as his practice and life style indicates that, he is a generous man, who wants others to succeed with him.
REALITY gathers that Chief Odey would always involve many Lawyers in handling most brief given to him, simply just to make them benefit and uplift their welfare and financial status.

He is seen as a man that is not greedy by his peers and they describe him as, “A Gentleman living above board.” This in present day reality is rear! They see him further as a man who is aspiring to serve the PDP.
According to the Head of Chambers of Odey and Associates, Legal Practitioners (Renaissance Chambers), Barr. Joseph, the relationship between Chief Odey and members of staff is like that of a united family.

Barr. Joseph also stated that Chief Odey treats every member of staff as an integral part of his family and treat issues affecting them in that manner.

You would recall that since Chief Odey has been a grass root political mobilizer and since left the SDP to the PDP, he has been handling electoral matters relating to the PDP, in most Tribunals, from local, state and federal and therefore loaded with huge experience.
Polls on Odey, conducted by REALITY have continued to show that his friends and foes have agreed that, Chief Odey operates an open door policy and is always accessible by all. 

More facts are that, Chief Sunny Odey (Esq) is a loving son, brother, husband and father. Chief Odey has a stable family and children he has given the best of educational trainings available.

The ‘Gentleman’ Odey’s human relation is second to none. REALITY checks can state that his love for the people of Plateau State knows no bounds!

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