Wednesday, 6 September 2017


By: Alfred Saiki and Raji Ronke,
Mr. Dashuwar C. Kulokom the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), Plateau State Chapter has stated that, Nigeria as a country cannot achieve much, with the on-going security structure and system aimed at securing Nigerians, as the structural design and system are still achieving the very same objectives that the Nigeria colonial masters established them for.  

Mr. Dashuwar, who spoke with REALITY this morning said, the structure and the system are simply established to serve the interest of the Elites, their children and extended families in society.

Mr. Dashuwar, described the wisdom of the ruling All Progressives congress (APC) in Plateau state, as that of a “Sleeping Government”.

He said the government has continued to fail to get the right intelligence to unravel the mysteries behind the various killings in Plateau villages, especially, the killings of Traditional Rulers in Bokkos Local Government Area of the state, among others. 

Mr. Dashuwar said:

“Security wise, we have a sleeping government in Plateau. The government, as led by the APC is lacking in security consciousness. Security in the sense that you need to serve the people, you need to know that as a government, there is no policy that you will design that does not have security implications. 

"A wise government will propose all its security policies or its policy shift and the security agencies are supposed to vet it and know the capacity of  conflict the policy is most likely to generate and see their capacity to manage the conflict that will arise from the policy been planned. So which agencies in the state has the governor contacted with a policy frame work?

“For the weekly security meetings in the state, I call a tea taking exercise by head of security agencies. Even in monitoring of the security out there, is it the big men that do it or the foot soldiers? It is the foot soldiers that do it! Let me tell you that as a head of government, your security can miss lead or miss direct you, if you are not security conscious.
“Don’t forget at every level there are different interests inter-playing and it includes the security men. I am aware of a governor, whom a security agency wrote and published a pamphlet purported to have been written by his enemies and they took it to him, they went home with millions because, he gave them money to go and counter that for him but, it was cooked in the security agencies office. So security is a very complex issue, there are arm chair security men, there are actual security men.

“Plateau is a blessed state, if you are talking of security retirees. If counted, I think Plateau will be leading. In all aspects of security, Plateau has people. 

“This government on coming in was cautioned and suggested to that it should have a summit for the security retirees of the state, so that they can structure a way forward for the security of the state. It was a 24 page or there about memo to the government, to this day the author has not received an acknowledgement that something came in not to talk of, ok, we saw an issue, elaborate on it. 

“So, that kind of security naivety, what do you expect? I come from Bokkos, the Saf ron Kulere , that is the first class ruler of Bokkos is late now, we have not been told who killed him and what happened? 

“Don’t Plateau people deserve to know, who killed this man? What is frustrating the investigation? What will it take the investigation to achieve its goal? The paramount ruler of Kwatas is also late, Manguna is also late and others, they are late. Has the government told us anything as to, who has been doing these things? 

There is a village in Bokkos called Hotom, gunmen are driving them out of their ancestral homes, is there no intelligence getting to the government of these things that are happening? What have they done? They will be singing, “There is security in Plateau”, yes, there is no crises in Jos city, that is true, but there are crisis in the rural areas of Plateau state, if nowhere else in Bokkos, the local government where I happen to come from.

“Boys cannot drive motorcycle in Bokkos by 6.00pm or 7.00pm because, somebody will point a gun at them to collect their motorcycles. Many of them have been killed in the process and what then is the security, what then is the peace in Plateau, when people are dying, when people cannot even carry out their business safely and return home. This government has compromised the security of this state. You cannot talk of security without employment, what employment activity has this government generated? Tell me one! What economic summit has this government held in other to develop or woo investors?

The Chief Security Officer Further in Part Said:

“About security, an ADP government will revolutionize the concept of security in Nigeria. I dare to ask you, have you been to the University or is there a University in Nigeria that is giving a degree or even a diploma in security matters?

“Why is it so? We have taken security for granted. Whereas, it is the primary means of guaranteeing the welfare of citizens, but it is taken for granted. We have degree in Commerce, degree in all other fields but, no University is running degree programme on security, on intelligence. 
“An ADP government would want to start teaching security, right from primary schools. All the curriculum of Nigerian education, security will be part of it. Security is a collective job, not a job for a few. Yes a few will run it, they are only administrative staff but, every citizen is a security official and citizens cannot understand their role in security without a proper education, without proper orientation, without proper mobilization. 

“So, an ADP will sink this consciousness into the population that they are in the society are within the society, members have either been over looking and conserve one thing or the other else criminals have no hiding place, if citizens are conscious.

“I remind you about this Nigerian, who wanted to blow an aircraft and was in USA, it wasn’t security men that picked him up. It was the conscious citizens that saw something funny and alerted and it was averted. They were not paid security men but, after the arrest they handed him over to the paid security men to do other jobs and analysis, to come up and [sic] those in governance it will inform their policies changes as to security measures.

“The concept of ADP security is not security for the party officials alone but, security for national interest. Security is a primary necessity of all the society, Plateau State inclusive.
“Our essence of security in this political party is to re conceptualize the nation’s security, you will agree with me that all the security structures in Nigeria are structures put in place by the colonialist; this is to say there has been no indigenously developed security perspective of the Nation. So there is a need for us to understand the dynamics of our society. 

“The dynamics of our society should point the direction of security challenges that we need, to come up with arms of security operatives to manage those ones and ADP, as a party that seeks to win government in Nigeria, definitely knows Nigeria is a security challenged society and so primarily, what needs to front any campaign is the question of security and that is why we are initiating the concept of security for the party on the Plateau and sell it to the Nation, that it should be captured. 

“The necessity of security cannot be over emphasized, as we have been over challenged, we have issues of kidnapping, we have issues of terrorism, we have issues of vandalisation of national assets, we have issues of corruption, and all these are fights that the legislative and the judiciary cannot fight without an adequate security arm or security focus. 

“So there needs to be a security that can provide government with intelligence. By intelligence as ADP, we mean proactively acquired information about things that will or may happen but, are yet to happen. 
“Government should be able to access to thinking of the populace, the activities that is going on within the populace, so as to format policies that will respond to those challenges. Government needs to understand that security is supposed to be part of the government but behind the curtain, the executive, the judiciary is only fronting, but the actual structure of society, the way it should go, should be determined by the security. This has been absent in our country, hence the consequence of the numerous security challenges we are encountering.  

“I have been in a security system, I threw it away because I realized Nigeria was very sick and I was limited to only giving opinion which could be used and which could be thrown away at will. For anything to take place in society political will is very necessary. So the absence of political will to drive security purpose of Nigeria is what discouraged me from serving at the point I was serving and so now that there is an open door called ADP, I intend to inject, to motivate, to present factual concrete concept that will drive this mission.

“I think in Nigeria now, there is only the ADP and other political parties. This is a party that is for the people, this is the party that is not about money bags but about ideas. Everything in the world that we have now was generated by ideas and ADP is about ideas.”

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