Thursday, 21 September 2017


 By: Valentine Adese, Agnes Nendima and Kevin D. Gaji

The drum beat to begin the process of putting forward the cause for actualizing the vision and dream of the Middle-belt seems to have started, as youths in the North Central zone of Nigeria, have started gathering and speaking for its actualization.

Rev. M.D Adams, a former Vice President of Middle-belt Youth Forum has also seized the happenings in the country, to call on the people of the Middle belt, to rise and be recognized in the comity of regions in the country. 

Rev. MD Adams, who spoke to REALITY today in an exclusive interview, said, “I believe that the enemies of the region want to see the people of the region constantly weak and not united hence, the dream and vision of the people of the now called North Central is not achieved.”  
He said as a believer in the course of the Middle-belt, region, he does not see why the governors of the zone are still associate with the Core-north.

According to Rev. Adams, “For Governor Simon Lalong to be associating the Middle-belt, with the Core-north, I don’t think he is doing the right thing!” 
People are clamoring for Middle-belt region. Those who are calling for it are not politically elected persons in the region. The Governors in the North Central Zone, are associating themselves with the Northern Governors. As an individual, who hails from the zone, how do you feel?
Thank you very much for this question. This is most unfortunate! That the people we see as stakeholders, who should be standing to defend the middle-belt are the very ones who are betraying the vision of the people. I have been interested in the affairs of the middle-belt region for years.  I am the immediate past Vice President, Middle-Belt Youth Forum. 
We have been working assiduously to make sure the middle-belt is recognized and given her rightful place in the comity of regions in this country. We have gone to some of the middle-belt states for this advocacy in the past.
On the 20th of November, 2014, we were at Kefi in Nasarawa State. We met the Governor at the State Government House, to discuss with the Governor with respect to the then crisis that was rocking the state. Almakura, the governor, was so happy to receive us! He spoke to the world and said he is vindicated by the visit of the Meddle-Belt Youth Forum. 
According to him, “the body has come to condemn the crisis in strong terms.”
“You would recall that some people were before then trying to give the crisis in the state a religious connotation. But, we as youths had told the governor then, to see the crisis rocking the state, as the handiwork of enemies of the region and it should not be give a religious cover.  
“To us, we believe that the enemies of the region want to see the people of the region constantly weak and not united.  This issue was on the media all over. Kindly check!
“I think the time therefore has come for the people of the middle belt to unite and speak with one voice.
The Yoruba people have the Afenifere group, Igbo people speak under the Ohaneze Nde Igbo, the Ijaws and others are talking through various platforms in the country. Why is the middle belt quite? 
“As a matter of fact, I know that the middle-belt is the region feeding this nation. We have all the mineral resource on our soil that the world needs. So, we are not inferior in any way!
“I therefore, see no reason why our governors in the region would not embrace this course to the fullest? Thank God for people like, late Chief Solomon Lar of late memory. The late man stood for the actualization of the dreams of the middle-belt. But, a lot of people had worked against him and are still working and standing against it! He is dead now but, I believe some of us should wake up now and start beating the drum and make the people rise to the challenge and dance to the rhythm.
For Governor Simon Lalong’s associating with the Governors of the north, he is entitled to his own right. I don’t know what is pushing him to do that but, if he is truly a Middlebeltan then, he should stand for the middle-belt vision and people.
For him to be associating the middle-belt with the core-north, I don’t think he is doing the right thing!

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