Tuesday, 5 September 2017


By: Valentine Adese,

Hon. Daniel Kura has reiterated that future elections in Plateau State would be a contest between the people of Plateau state, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the incumbent Governor, Rt. Hon. Simon Lalong.

Hon. Daniel Kura stated this in an exclusive interview with REALITY yesterday. 
He pointed out that, why he wants to contest the forthcoming local government election in Lantang North Local Government Area of Plateau state is to join with the masses to bring good governance.

According to him, “the masses in this country have continued to suffer because the leaders that have occupied elective positions have no blue print to better the lives of the common people.   

Hon. Daniel, who hopes to contest for the chairmanship seat under the platform of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), said he chose the platform because, it has identified with the masses’ pains and aspirations.

The Excerpts:

My Ambition and Drive:

Well, if you look at what is happening in this country today, you would know that all we need is to elect people that have the masses at heart.

We don’t need recycled leaders again nor former this former that! All that the Nigerian masses are look for now are persons that would save them from the current situation in the country, to occupy elective political offices.
You can see the calamity which the APC administration has brought upon the masses of this country! Hence, I have chosen to offer myself in order to be given an opportunity to contribute to the development of my community and society and also to show to the masses that there are people with the human face in them, who actually feel their pains and purses. 

These are some of the reasons why I am offering myself for service.

On Former LGA Leaders:

Politics is not simply theory, it is also practical and people see it in action. Go to Langtang North LGA and see things for yourself, whether people have governed the LGA in the past or not. There is nothing on ground in the recent past to show that!

The fact is that, I don’t know to date, the reason for their aspirations to office in the past and in the present. The past administration from my view, have not touched the masses.

Local Government Autonomy and Poor Finances:

All that is required to administer a local government council is a sound brain and people oriented plans. There are people, who go into these contests without any blue print. They simply want to be called Honourable this or that. Others also go into contest because of godfatherism, knowing that they would be supported to win and not because of the masses interest. 

I want to inform you that autonomy or not, anybody who has the masses at heart would surely have something to offer.

Are they telling us that there is no kobo coming from the federal allocation? They say they have not performed because of lack of autonomy but, go and check these people who have been chairmen in these local government councils, they have benefited at the expense of the masses.

They have built houses, bought expensive cars and have sent their children and family members to expensive schools. Where did they get this money, if there is no money in the local government system?

My Oga, the first thing is that once there is no real purpose why they had contest for the local government chairman’s seat, the masses suffer. 

So, there is no way they would tell me that there is no money in the local government system that can bring development to the people or for them to enjoy the dividend of democracy.

Funnily, they always told the masses that there is no money there and each time they want to scheme the people to return back to the seat.
My Age and My Choice of ADP

How old was Muhammadu Buhari when he first ruled this nation? I simply want to know! There are many of them who ruled at an age lower than mine. Yet they performed better at that age than what we see them do now at their old age.

I therefore want the world to know that I am at my prime age to contribute my quota to society, especially Lantang North, my local government now. So I am not intimidated by the older people who may wish to contest when the time comes.

 ADP is on ground in Plateau state, especially, in Langtang North. The coming election is between the people of Plateau, Governor Simon Lalong and the APC, just like in 2015, when it was between Governor Jang and the people.

APC has failed the masses so, the contest is between them. All we ADP are doing is to identify with the masses for them to achieve their aspiration for good governance and the return of power to them.

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