Monday, 4 September 2017


By: Our Reporter,
The Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) is a body recognized by Universal Constitutions and Laws, as it is also domesticated by Nigerian Laws and Constitution. 

Like every other professional body, its practitioners have also established Code of Conducts and bylaws that helps to regulate members’ practice and the administration of the Association as a Union in Nigeria.

From facts, it is this Union’s Constitution that provided for the election of Principal Officers for the body at the federating states and at the federal level.

It therefore holds that, it was this same Constitution and the Union’s administrative policies and rules that enable Mr. Yakubu Taddy to contest for the Chairmanship seat of the NUJ, Plateau State Council and later emerge as its Chairman in  September, 2014.

Mr. Yakubu Taddy’s emergence in 2014, was heralded with huge celebration, after defeating his colleague and fellow contestant, Mr. Putman Illiya Amos, in the Council’s election that year.

However, the celebration did no last long, as Chairman Yakubu, started handling the Union’s affairs as secondary, while he was trying to create a pariah Council.

Yakubu Taddy in his three years in office made efforts to rewrite the Constitution of the Great NUJ by inputting provisions that he assumed the framers of the Constitution had failed to consider.

Firstly, Yakubu Taddy, imported and invoked power of “his NUJ” Council, to “Expel” members from the Union. He even invoked an imaginary power of his led Council to “Suspend” members and Chapels registered by the national office of the body, without any notification or referral to the national body or national officers.

Secondly, Yakubu Taddy’s led council, in exercising this imaginary powers, saw no need to refer any issue or correspondents on “Suspension or Expulsion” to any national officer, whether at the zonal or national levels. He was a pariah ruler in the NUJ, as most victims of his actions and inaction described him.
Several letters from the National Secretarial, signed by the National Secretary, directing him to reverse most of his actions were ignored or snubbed by him.

Rather than acknowledge the communications to members of the Union, Mr. Yakubu Taddy in one of his text message that went virile, had described the communications and decisions of the National Secretariat as, “a rumour and not real”.  

Thirdly, Angered by the decision of the Credentials Committee handling the processes leading to the forthcoming election of the State Council, slated for 7th September, 2017, to clear REALITY Chapel members for the election, with strong reliance on the decision and communication from the national secretariat on the issue(s) relating to the Chapel,  Mr. Yakubu Taddy has ordered Members of the Plateau Publishers Forum (PPF) to come forward with their members to vote on the slated date of election, despite the fact that the Credentials Committee had wound up their activities. 

He also took a further step, to petition the Committee to the National Secretariat, a body he is yet to obey in all instances.

Rumours making the rounds, yet to be confirmed by this medium, also has it that, Mr. Taddy, also petitioned the Committee to the Plateau State Government House. 

To mess up the coming election and sabotage the efforts of the members contesting and the leadership of the national body of the Union, Taddy has directed that he has given members of PPF waver and that they should just simply pay N2000.00 each to him and prepare to vote on 7th September, 2017.

You would recall that, Mr. Yakubu Taddy in his “lordship" days in the Council, had earlier directed that, members of the PPF should pay N10,000.00, for registration, a directive contrary to the provisions of the Constitution of the Union for registering new members.

The Constitution had provided that new members would register with N5000.00, while renewal is tagged at N2000.00.

A major pain in the heart of the members of the Council, as gathered, is the habitual absenteeism of Mr. Yakubu Taddy in National Executive Council (NEC) meetings of the Union, especially when issues concerning Plateau State Council are slated for discussion.

You would recall that Mr. Yakubu Taddy’s administration, hosted one of the worst NEC meetings in the history of the NUJ in recent times in Jos.


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