Saturday, 16 September 2017


By: Valentine Adese and frank Agbai,

Out of the over 40 political parties already registered by the Independent National electoral Commission (INEC) only four (4) of them are active and have the capacity of sponsoring candidates for any election in Plateau State. REALITY can authoritatively state. 

The active political parties include, the Action Democratic Party (ADP), the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the ruling All Progressives Party (APC) and the African Democratic Congress (ADC).

Investigation by REALITY reveals that though the over 40 political parties turn up anytime stakeholders’ meetings of political parties are called in the state, only three of the four mentioned above have traceable offices in the state and they are the PDP, APC and the ADP.

Although the ADP is a newly registered political party among the four, investigation holds that, it is having more political activities than the PDP and the APC in the past six months under review, at the state and local government levels of operation.
However, despite this active political activities, investigation by REALITY also shows that of the three, the ADP is more worried on matters of finances, as the promoters have let it to the masses since, the masses own the process and the party. 

For the PDP, though they have people in elective positions at both the state and federal levels, who by the party’s Constitution are suppose to be supporting the party at the state level, a lot of simple disagreements within the party have continued to hinder the supply of funds.

REALITY can authoritatively state that while other state branches are calling on defectors to return to the party unconditionally and aggrieved members brought to a roundtable for discussion, the Plateau state branch of the party is yet to do so, as the case between Hon. Badung and Hon. Emmanuel, (alleged Chairman and Publicity Secretary, respectively), brought by the Chairman of the party, Hon. D. T. Sango, is still pending at a Magistrate Court in the state, while the decampees from the party are still actively relating with their new found parties in the state.
REALITY can also state that some members of the PDP, are not contributing or making their donation to the party, at the state level because of perceived perception and believe that, they are still been blackmailed by some members of the state EXCO in several quarters, despite the last peace meeting held by the chapter.

Although the PDP from the inside has some of the best media gurus in the state as members, their presence in the party is yet to be felt, even when the state is already preparing for a local government election in the shortest time.

The ruling APC in the state on its part, seems to be fragmented, as the EXCO Members of the party and the Aides of the state Governor, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, seem to be working at cross purposes.
Apart from the fact that most of the EXCO members are not on salary, the function of the party’s publicity role have largely been usurped by the Aides of the Governor, making it impossible most times to hold anyone accountable.

Of the three identifiable political parties, the least active office is that of the APC, as most times the offices of the state headquarters are mostly under lock and keys.

The EXCO of the party in the state, REALITY can authoritatively state, are only mostly visibly seen in any state government functions.

You would recall that REALITY had earlier published that because most of the EXCO members of the state APC are not paid salary, they have chosen to engage themselves in a more profitable venture in and outside the state.

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