Thursday, 21 September 2017


In this interview with REALITY crew, Mr. Dashuwar Kulokom chestshak, a security expert, has questioned why security operatives in Plateau state did not nip the clash that happened in Jos North Local Government in the bud. He said the intelligence gathering must have failed and Governor Lalong must ask question(s). 

The Excerpts:

Explain to us sir. People have commended Governor Simon Lalong, for imposing curfew during the IPOB clash in Plateau State, as a security expert, do you think he did the right thing at the material time or what other things do you think he should have done to maintain the existing peace in the state?

Imposing curfew in Jos was the most unfortunate thing that has happened to Plateau state of late. Jos city does not deserve that curfew. What happened and the challenges were not triggered by Plateau People. Those who were responding in what is now called a reprisal or retaliation attack were very wrong in their action. Jos is not the ideal place for them.

If Hausas are killed in the southern part of the country, the best places to cause a revenge if need be, should have being in Kano, Sokoto, Jigawa, among other core northern states. Let us ask this, why was Plateau State a place for such reaction? As a governor, I would have thought and asked that pertinent question!

But the Governor was trying to save lives and properties, being one of his primary responsibilities at that moment or do you not think so?

Where was the intelligence? Or as a Governor, does he not have Intelligence Forum (IF)? What are the intelligence operatives doing or are they not feeding him with security intelligence? Why did they not nip that reaction or attack in the bud before it ever happened? 

Has he asked his security men why the uprising took them by surprise? I mean the attack on innocent citizens? Is there a possible connivance, between the security operatives and some ethnic nationalities in order to paint the people of Plateau State black in the eyes of the world community? Or are they aiding the act in order to make Jos, the capital of Plateau State a battle field of the country?

As a Plateau man, I know my people regard all Nigerians as Nigerians. Very few countries are like Nigeria! The world over today, we have multi-ethnic communities and that is the new order.

Anybody who wishes to stay in Plateau state has the right to do so as a Nigerian.

The curfew is now relaxed and peace has returned. But some groups are still calling on the Governor to arrest the perpetrators. Do you think it is still necessary and achievable?

It all depends on what his security operatives are feeding him now. If you are a Chief Executive and you are naive, your security will use you and play you. You need to have a vast source of information gathering. And sanction people appropriately.

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