Monday, 11 September 2017


By: Valentine Adese and Alfred Saiki,
The Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) Plateau State chapter, Mr. Dashuwar Kulokom has reiterated that the national security outfits in Nigeria have been eroded of their founding principles and objectives, as they are now under the control of few people who now run it as dynasties.
Mr. Dashuwar (CSO ADP)
Mr. Dashuwar, in an exclusive interview with REALITY, had alleged that the elites in the country constantly fix their children and family members at will into the security outfits and also choice where they would be posted to.
He alleged that, “it does not take merits to be a security man in Nigeria anymore.”

Mr. Dashuwar said:

“The security outfits have failed Nigerians Woefully, woefully, and woefully! When have you heard of a security summit by the security operatives? When do they get together, how constant are the security agencies trained? What is the capacity of their budgets? Security in Nigeria has been eroded, it is now dynasties. All the security agencies are dynasties, made up of children of influential members of society. It does not take merit to be a security man in Nigeria today. It takes your biology; it takes your geographical location. Security cannot be driven on these tenets and then you make it. Security is a job that should meritoriously earn.”

Mr. Dashuwar, submitted that he joined the ADP because of the philosophy of the party to change the security structure of the country and its basic manifesto that touches the basic needs of life. 

He said since all political changes lie on the political table, the will of the ADP to make future changes earned his support for the party. 

He said: “In fact it is the idea of trying to change things politically by the party that attracted me. Because I know that the political force is the only force that determines what happens in society. 
“I have been in a security system, I threw it away because I realized Nigeria was very sick and I was limited to only giving opinion which could be used and which could be thrown away at will. For anything to take place in society, political will is very necessary. So the absence of political will to drive security purpose of Nigeria is what discouraged me from serving at the point I was serving and so now that there is an open door called ADP, I intend to inject, to motivate, to present factual concrete concept that will drive this mission.

“From my personal view, the ADP wants to take the views of every Nigerian, both high and low because in everybody there is something that God has placed in that person that is in no other person.

“The party is out to capture these views to drive society and not to burn society on the basis of knowledge of some people who think they are god themselves. 

“So, voting for the ADP is voting for a holistic security system in Nigeria and holistic security system in this sense means, food security, physical security, social security, psychological security and all facets of life.”

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