Saturday, 23 September 2017


 By: Valentine Adese, Agnes Nendima and Kevin D. Gaji,

The hope for actualizing the dream for a Middle-Belt Zone and the youths taking over leadership positions from their elders in the country is continuing to show signs of impossibility as the elders in the country continue to hold on to the central stage since independence in 1960.
Mr. Godwin Audu, the Youth Leader of Action Democratic Party (ADP) Plateau state, who spoke to REALITY insisted that the order of the day cannot be broken except there is a deliberate move to rebuild the entire system.
In an exclusive interview with REALITY, Mr. Audu and speaking as an individual and as a citizen said, the  vision and dreams of the youths of the country have not been actualized because, the elders of the country who have been leaders of the country since independence in 1960 have denied the youths the opportunity.

According to Audu, “worst is the case of the North Central zone, where the elders who are leaders, only use the move for the actualization of the dream for a Middle-belt to raise funds for themselves.


Do you think with the way the politics of the country is going, the youths of this country have hope to be leaders of the future?

Seriously, as an individual, a citizen of this country and a youth, it is our elders that simply want to deny the inheritance of the youths of the country.

Why do I say deny? Because there seem to be no rule of law! Hence it emboldens them to deny peoples’ freedom. 

You know the elders of this country have continued to drum it in our ears that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. They said it in those days; today the elders are the same leaders. Now we are beginning to have children and they are still there.

I don’t think the youths of our generation have a place in government, except, there is a total renovation of the house and the entire system. 

These include the Military, our democratic structure and every other aspect of our leadership structures.

The youths in the North Central Zone are agitating for a Middle-belt zone, but the elected representatives from the Northern Central Zone, seem not to be interested with the move. Are you worried with that and what is your take?

The move to actualize Middle-belt region or zone is laudable. I am a youth from the zone. If you remember, those that earlier agitated for the issue of Middle-Belt, in their days, they were youths like me! Late Chief Lar and the rest. 

However, if you look at things very well, you would see that most of the agitators are rather gathering funds for themselves than actually pursuing the Middle-belt course.

Whenever there is hunger on the land, most of them use the course of agitating for the Middle- belt for some bargain at a round table meeting. When bags of money is finally distributed, the issue dies a natural death, until another problem comes up.

You would remember that, late Chief Lar was the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, right? He fought for democracy to stand in the country among other notable personalities in the North Central (Middle-belt). But after their emergence as national leaders at the federal level, the issue of middle-belt died.

Look at the governors of the zone today; they are always with the Arewa leaders. They are already in the pockets of Arewa leaders because of their alleged greed. The Arewa leaders know this weak point and have held it to their advantage for years.

It is laughable because at the end their loyalty does not pay off, since they cannot partake in what comes to the north.

Do you see any elder within North Central today that is urging or calling on the federal government to rectify the issue of the Middle-belt like their counterparts in the Southeast, South-south and the South-west? Please, the hope of the youth is seriously hanging!

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