Wednesday, 14 February 2018


By; Ifeanyi Okonkwo (Anambra),

The Honourable Member Representing Ihiala1 Constituency at the Anambra State House of Assembly, Hon. Udemadu Chidi has added his voice in support of the, “Not Too Young To Run” Bill, been moved by the National Executives.
Speaking to gentlemen of the press, Hon. Udemadu Chidi, who himself is a youth, was full of praise to the National Assembly for coming up with the Bill and urged the youths to venture in to politics the more as they are the leaders of today, not tomorrow.

“It’s a very good idea for the National Assembly to come up with this Bill. It’s a source of encouragement and inspiration to the youths. I am a youth but, it’s unfortunate that sometimes whenever I try to engage the youths in discussions involving their interest in politics, most of them will tell me they are discouraged”. Hon. Udemadu said.

He went for further to say, “The old politicians have gathered enough money, power and authority, meaning they have a way of recycling themselves. I encourage the youths to take their destinies in to their own hands. They should know that they are the leaders of today and not the leaders of tomorrow like they have always been told.”

While most observers have accused the Nigerian youths of not been politically conscious, Hon. Udemadu was of a different opinion,

As a position, he said: “Nigerian youths are very politically conscious and I will disagree with anybody who will come out to say that our youths don’t have interest in politics, the likes of Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Late Chukwuemeka Ojukwu are examples of young Nigerians who took over power in their early ages even though it was in the military era. These men were given the chance but today some people are selfish to the extent that all they use youths for is just for thuggery, unfortunately even some educated youths are also been used. Lack of job opportunities has made so many youths to relegate themselves to lower levels just to earn a living”. He stated

On the ongoing continuous voters’ registration, Hon. Udemadu saw the need for every citizen of age to get his or her Permanent Voters’ Card. He called on the youths to enroll for their PVC’s, explaining that it is their power and voice. “Most of the youths don’t have PVCs. Some that have registered for it, have not bothered to go back and collect it. They are waiting for contestants to pay them before they will go and collect it”.
“PVC is of great help if not today but tomorrow. Government can decide to tell parents that before their children can get admission in schools, PVC must be provided and if parents don’t have it, they have denied that child the right of education which is an offence”.

“Some youths have the mentality that their  votes don’t count but I am assuring them that it does count if not nobody will spend both time and money going round to canvass for votes”. Hon. Udemadu emphasized.
With the upcoming general elections in the country, the law maker said, “The youths are the leaders of today not tomorrow because tomorrow starts today. It’s not how long someone lived that matters but the impact you make”.

“It is not enough to keep saying we want change. Actions should be taken. It is sad that youths of these days spend quality time with their phones chatting. Very few of them are ready to read books that will affect their lives. Power is taken, it is not given. I am an example of someone who came from a small village but i kept the faith and today I am here”.

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