Saturday, 24 March 2018


By: valentine Adese and Ronke Raji,
As Nigerians prepare for the forthcoming general elections slated for 2019, the confusion characterizing its expectation is beginning to cause alignment and realignment of political actors, who have started expressing their interest for elective offices, though, outside the framework and timetable of the  country’s umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

From the national level of the All Progressive Congress (APC), the aspiration of eligible and qualified candidates to aspire for the presidential seat has been reduced or damped by the call by some other members in the party that the incumbent President, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari should continue, come 2019.
The expression of the callers to all intent and purposes is that no other member of the party is and as it stands now, qualified for the presidential seat than Buhari himself under the APC.

This singular call from a view point is currently sending active politicians in the party to look for space elsewhere.

At the party level, the recent one year flow ticket given to all state chairmen of the party has also put paid to the quest of some other members to seek for that office. It also means any complaint against those chairmen in the past and present would not hold water. As such, members at the state chapters and at the national level have been militarized to obey without complain or leave the party.

Pundits have seen the marching order to assume office for the next one year by the state APC chairmen, as a fulfilled primary election in the 36 state of the federation.

From the above, it would mean that the face-off between the party leadership, Governor Simon Bako Lalong and the Minister of Sports, Hon. Solomon Dalung, in plateau state is an easy decider of who is on the losing and winning path.

From the party’s political mathematics board, the President now depends more on the state chairmen and governors for his victory in the August, 2018 Primary election of the party as slated by INEC than on his Minister of which Solomon Dalung is one.

So, if the fight and face-off between Dalung, Hon. Letep Dabang (the state party chairman) and Governor Lalong continues, pundits are of the view that the permutation for success would not be in favour of the Minister.   

So, would the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) be expecting Dalung also? Political observers seem to ask.   
The PDP from facts on ground already has a lot on its hand, from the settlement of the last convention to the zoning of the presidential seat to the north without defining the north,

Members in the party from the North Central Zone have already started apportioning the seat to the zone, as they claim that they are also part of the northern equation and must now test from the fruit of the northern union. 

The names of Sen. Jonah Jang and Sen. David Mark are already trial names fly in the media, as possible persons that may attempt to steal the show from what is now called the Core-north. 

With the killings of herdsmen taking the center stage of security challenges in the country, of which the North central zone (Middle Belt is worse hit), the bargain of members of the PDP in that zone to control the affairs of the nation from the number one seat is becoming more acceptable and louder within the zone and among its people.

Pundits are of the view that, the mathematics of the middle-Belt if not adhered to by the PDP, a lot of switching and abandoning of the party may take place before August, 2018.

So, with a lot of posters already flying at the secretariat of the PDP in Plateau state, especially for the gubernatorial ticket, would Dalung fit in?


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