Thursday, 22 March 2018


By: Valentine Adese, 

It is no longer news that, some Civil Servants in Plateau State did expressed their happiness when the Governor of the state, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, changed and re-jigged his cabinet to invigorate performance and to meet up with his campaign promises to the people of the state.  
It was also a relief to some staff of some Ministries in the state, who were kept motionless in the part of growth and development, when their principals, who were simply targeting their 2019 political ambitions rather than promote the plans to achieve the objective of the Lalong’s administration before they were shown the way out.  

Although the above had happened and have been recorded in the history of this administration for the people of Plateau State, REALITY investigation strongly indicates that it is not yet “uhuru”, for the bad eggs and non-performing appointee-cleaning-plan and objective of the administration, as more of the staff closer to the seat of power and under senior appointees are still calling for an inward search to detect their bosses.

Investigation shows that, most appointees serving under the office of the Deputy Governor, keep off visitors, as they lack what it takes to entertain them or pay their fares back to wherever they might have come from.
The Media department of the Deputy Governor is worse hit, as the monthly overhead never comes to those saddled with the responsibility of managing the media. The overhead, over time has changed from monthly, quarterly and now to, “not available”.

Media managers in the Deputy Governor’s office hardly send press releases to Media houses these days, as there is no fund to facilitate it.

 The Deputy Governor, Prof. Sunni Tyoden, investigation holds, has no problem with that, as his ambition for 2019 is more closer to his chest than settling down to address the cause(s) of poor performances and the lack of happiness of his staff that is now characterizing his office.

The state’s Ministry of Information staff are now more relieved, with the new Commissioner, Mr. Yakubu Dati. 

You would recall that before Governor, Lalong administration re-jigged the Ministry of Information by redeploying the then Commissioner, Alhaji Nazi to another Ministry, the Ministry’s staff, especially the drivers, were wondering if the Ministry’s vehicles would ever be on the road again. They had said goodbye to activities in the once busy Ministry, as the compound was next to a cemetery. 

The batteries of the buses they drive that were inherited from the immediate past administration of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) then led by Sen. Jang, were happily announced as dead. However, investigations has shown that hope is now more on the rise in the Ministry, as the activities are not only picking up but, has picked up!
At the office of the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), the situation is getting worse by the day, as the once human relation and face of the boss there, Hon. Rufus Bature has gone from bad to worse.

Investigations show that security, drivers and other appointees to that office, who might have lobbied to be posted there, have over the years continued to bribe their ways to be posted out without minding the cost.
They have, while succeeding to leave expressed relief from the inhuman behaviour of the SSG.

Investigation reveals that most staff deployed to the SSG’s office may leave the office with the clothes and shoes they resumed with, as his level of concern for their welfare is close to zero.

The worst REALITY gathered, is that he hardly visits the sick or the bereaved staff in his office.

Worries about his attitude is also in the streets of Jos, as believers in the Lalong’s administration feel frustrated when he invites them to his office on a day he knows he would not be in the office.     

The Chief of Staff to the Governor, Hon. John Dafaan is a different person from the old. His staff are not only doing well but, they are seen to express happiness in their looks and dresses.

REALITY gathers that the staff are always wishing every day should be Hon. John’s birthday. They hope to use such forum to replicate the way he is treating them as staff with human face.

Workers under the CoS have always demonstrated willingness to welcome visitors and entertain them on behalf of their principal.


Keep faith with REALITY as more will soon come!

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