Monday, 26 March 2018


By: Lebel Daniel Musuka,
The newly constituted Caretaker Committee members for Tudun Wada Youth Forum (TWYF), on Saturday 24th of March, 2018 met at LEA Primary School, Tudun Wada, to give their report to the congress on their efforts so far.


The meeting witnessed an improvement from the past meetings as the Youths of Tudun Wada came out en mass to show their support for the Caretaker Committee and be updated on the progress made so far.

Speaking exclusively to REALITY, the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee, Godknows Richard Moses, whose mandate, according to the terms given to the committee includes the conduction of elections into TWYF and reconciliation of aggrieved members, said the role has not come without its challenges, but was happy that they have been able to restore hope to TWYF.

“We give glory to God right from the very day we were inaugurated, as Caretaker Committee. We have been receiving a lot of positive response from people, some congratulating us and saying it is time for Tudun Wada to rise again and they believe with this particular mandate given to us of which people believe and they trust us and they know our capacity in terms of personality. 

“Many youths are reckoning with us and we believe that by the special grace of God, the moment the election is conducted, I believe we are going to come up with leaders, who believe in Tudun Wada and will want to see that the community moves forward”.

“We were given a time frame of three months in order to come up with modalities on how election is going to take place and also go on with reconciliation and consultation in order to see how Tudun Wada community will be able to move forward. This, as you can see, we have already started embarking with this congress meeting. 

“We were able to give a very brief report as regards to our movement of which we believe by next meeting, we would be giving more progress report, as regards to the terms of reference of which I said we are going to work on election modalities, reconciliation and to chart a way forward for Tudun Wada”, Godknows Richard stated.  

Concerning the response of the youths and the entire community to his Committee, Godknows said, “Even the youths have been coming to us one after the other to also pledge their support and they have said with this particular programme we have embarked upon, they are going to give us their full support and they believe that after this particular assignment given to us is completed, Tudun Wada will come up with a new face that will help channel the way forward”.
With respect to the challenges been faced by his committee, the Chairman emphasized that some people already have a perception that the forum is political.

He said,  “This is one of the challenges we are facing and we are trying to see how we can educate people with regards to this. Whether we like it or not in anything you are doing in life, there are interests but, the interest as regard to this particular movement is the interest of Tudun Wada as a community, which is the most important thing and we tag our movement as “Tudun Wada Political Party” and whatever you do or who you are in Tudun Wada, we reckon with you as a stakeholder, whether a wheelbarrow pusher, pure water seller, kekenapep driver e.t.c all are equal in this movement”. 
“As you are aware, some people met Hon. Theresa Aziand and told her that we are trying to kick Jarawa people out of the system but, we have written to her and we want to meet her being a stakeholder too in this regard. We have also made efforts to met with some group of Jarawa people and they have also pledged their full support for the movement”.

“The most important thing in this is that we must be able to see beyond tribal sentiment, political affiliation or probably friends’ affiliation. We are not for a particular political party or any person as regards to this movement. Our concern is Tudun Wada and Tudun Wada remains the top priority as far as this movement is concerned. 

“Thank God, the Chairman of the congress, Geoffrey John Gotep, has been saying it that, if you are coming to this meeting for the purpose of any political party, religion or tribal interest you will be disappointed and we hold strong to his words”, said Godknows Richard.
The Chairman stressed that as a committee, they have been funding their activities for now despite the challenges. According to him, the committee members have committed themselves to making sure everything works out well for the benefit of the community.

You would recall that other members of the Caretaker Committee are, KefasMwanretDagin (Senzy), Musa Jibril (Fancy), Armstrong Morgan and Barry Longman as Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Provost respectively.

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