Tuesday, 3 April 2018


As the nation and the people of Plateau state gear up to the eve of the 2019 general election, perceived eligible voters have began to rate the performances of elected representatives in different political elective offices with their capacities, with the singular aim of using the data as a basis to assess their return bids.   
Residents of Tudun Wada Community in Jos North Local Government Area (LGA) of Plateau state, within the capital city, have during the Easter holidays, scored the House of Assembly Member representing them under Jos North-west Constituency below average.

 In the course of their assessments, they held that the Member, Rt. Hon, Peter Azi, who doubles as the Speaker of the House has performed below expectations.

According to them they held that his performance has been poor and weak thus far, while stressing that, “it is the same as not having a member.”

Adding that, “We haven’t felt his impact for the past three years or gotten any good news of his stewardships.”

You would recall that Rt. Hon. Peter Azi, who is representing the good and peace loving people of Jos North-west Constituency for the third time at the PLHA and now doubles as the Speaker, has already declared his interest to contest for the House of Representatives come 2019, to represent, Bassa/Jos North Federal Constituency.

You would recall that sometimes ago, it was reported widely how, the Speaker was chase out of Gangare Community within the Constituency, by angry youths and just recently during the attack in Dong by suspected Fulani Herdsmen, he was booed and forced out of Dong community.

In all these incidences it was alleged that the angry mobs were expressing displeasure over the Speaker’s poor and weak performance.

Investigation by REALITY within Tundun Wada community reveals that the popularity of the Speaker has taking a nose dive drastically, to the extent that his close political allies have also started frowning at his alleged  performance.

Speaking to REALITY on the recent assessment of Rt. Hon. Azi, a resident of Angwan Abuja in Tudun Wada, Mrs. Rhoda Danladi said “I don’t know if we have anything like House of Assembly Member this time around because, our problems have not been table to the appropriate authority, which is the responsibility of the member.

“We always spend over two weeks and some days before we can see pipe borne water here in this community. We sometimes have to trick as far as Albakans School (2kilometers) from here before we can get water. We are really tired of this type of helpless situation.”

Mr. Lukas Maichibi also a resident of Agwan Abuja, Riverside, berated the Speaker saying “We had a community launching sometimes last year to enable us raise money on our own to address some of the challenges faced by our people, which include road, water e.t.c. The occasion witnessed a lot of dignitaries but, the Speaker, Rt. Hon.Azi, did not show up or send any representative despite the official invitation given to him by the leadership of the community. But during his campaign in 2015, he was here personally to canvass for votes from us. 

“Yet, in three years after that visit, our road is still bad, our children have to go as far as Tudun Wada park before they can get water to fetch.

“We expect him to have used his position as Speaker to influence the speedy development of Tudun Wada but, the reverse is the case!

“We are highly disappointed with the performance of the Speaker and we are anxiously waiting for him with our Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) come 2019.”

Another resident of Angwan Maingo, Mr. Isaac Azi, who could not hide his anger said, “Do we have anything like house of assembly member? I don’t think we do because, Tudun Wada happens to be one of the largest Ward in Jos North West Constituency.”

“No single town hall meeting has been held by the Speaker so far for the past three years. How then will the Speaker know the challenges faced by his people and assess his performance thus far. I think we need a more competent representative come 2019 because, we are tired of not been represented for the past 3years.” Mr. Isaac Azi added.

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