Wednesday, 16 May 2018


By: Our Reporter, 
The situation in the mind of lots of Plateau State residents, indigenes, or citizens this morning is that of surprise as the former governor of the state, now representing the good people of Plateau North Senatorial District Da. Jonah David Jang been held in remanded in Jos prison in the Plateau State capital, pending the ruling on his bail Application on Thursday, 24th of May 2018.

Although next week may not be too far from today, the mere awareness that a renowned elder of the state is not only behind bars of the Police or its branch, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), calls for concern.

From statistics, Da. Sen. Jang has been in EFCC’s custody for over 9 days. While he was brought for arraignment today, he had to add one more day by sleeping at the Plateau State Police Command’s Headquarters. Although details have not emerged on whether he slept in the command’s cell or not but, producing him to court from the command springs the minds of the people with holy spirit water of concern.
You would recall that, most leaders of Plateau state have continued to drag each other down with the single aim of harassment and pulling-him-down syndrome.

You would recall that, the Jang era as governor, saw various forms of harassment of the past governor of the state, Chief Sen. Joshua Dariye, who had to run even from his shadows to avoid the odds allegedly planned against him. As we speak his is still on bail over charges brought against him by the EFCC.
The intension to harass and arrest Sen. Joshua Dariye, within the era of Jang as governor, was extended to his appointees, who had to stay for about 70 days before they could smell the air of freedom. To further put a stumbling block to their regaining freedom, they were tried in far away Lagos state, to restrict their ability to meet up bail conditions. Pundits have constantly opined.

The Plateau State House of Assembly (PLHA) Speaker then, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, (under the Dariye’s administration), was slammed with strong allegations by the then Federal Government and the EFCC, alongside his colleague Lawmakers. Lalong, who is now Governor of Plateau State today, stayed in custody of almost 21 days.

The equation became more   worrisome when the deputy governor to Dariye, late Chief Michael Botmang, was not only arrested but was moved from Abuja to Kano prisons and later returned after lots of pleadings, owing to his state of health, was returned to the state, to remain under houses arrest for the remaining part of his life until his death.

The Plateau state history seems to have been distorted pundits have postulated today, Wednesday, 16th May, 2018, as Dara Jang is sent to prison custody on the same graft allegation as the above. 

As at the time of writing, pundits expect that the Senator, would be taking pictures and filling forms that would identify him as an inmate awaiting trial in the prison.

As at the time of this write up, pundits also hold that Senator Jang, may be booking for a uniform and a bed space in one of the prison cells, hoping to sleep with one of those whom people refer to, as “COMMON Criminals” in our society.  

The issue that pundits are seeking to answer is, while those, who were been prosecuted during the reign of Jang, as then governor of the state are now in political offices and calling the shots in the state government house, while Senator Jang is booking a space at the prison compound, could it be a distortion of the state’s history?

It is of note that, the mere imagination of these facts has provoked protests in Jos city, from the moment the pronouncement to remand him in prison custody was made by the Plateau State High Court.

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