Tuesday, 1 May 2018


By: Alfred Saiki,
Plateau State University would soon get another 15 courses re-accredited.

This was disclosed today by the Vice Chancellor (VC) of Plateau State University (PLASU), Prof. Y. D. Izam, in an exclusive interview at his residence in Jos, Plateau state.

Accoding to him, the reaccreditation may take place any time this month by the National University Commission (NUC).
Prof. Y.D. Izam also commended Governor Simon Bako Lalong for ensuring that this could happen.

He said, “I am not surprised because, the governor has shown that PLASU is a project close to his heart considering the level of development the Institution is witnessing since his administration came to power.”

Prof. Izam, added that “So far, we have prepared the University hopefully for the re accreditation of 15 programmes, which is coming up by the Grace of God this May. So if you go to the University now, you would see that a lot of renovations are being done. We have also tried to reposition the staffing situation in the University. 

“We have most importantly brought back to life the University Library, which is the heart beat of academic activities in any given University by ensuring that the e-library components of the University library is completed and we have also ensured that new and user friendly acquisitions have also been put in place in terms of hard books in the various disciplines that we have within the university”.

“We think that the most important programme for us particularly in this month and the immediate future is that of getting back the re-accreditation of the 15 academic programmes. Because, without the courses being re-accredited the University would not have been properly positioned to launch itself, as a very competitive and strong brand in the knowledge creation enterprise in Nigeria”. 

“So far so good, I think that the future is very bright for Plateau State University and we are very happy with the level of support particularly from the visitor who is very keen in seeing that the University gains its glory in the committee of Universities in Nigeria”.
He went further to state that the school is presently better prepared for academic activities as the government has ensured the provision of necessary projects to ensure a better learning environment and the appointment of a governing council. 

“Since 2015 particularly with the coming in of the rescue administration of Governor Simon Bako Lalong, we have seen a stabilization of academic programmes in the four faculties that comprise the University”. 

“Major projects, road networks and a number of strategic projects have also been delivered”.

“We have also seen in the past two years, the reappointment of the governing council which is ably led by no other person than Prof. Attahiru Jega who is a renowned and tested academic”, Prof. Izam further stated.

He emphasized that his appointment in March by Governor Simon Lalong, was meant to consolidate on the progresses made so far by the University.
“I am happy to note that, my coming in from the 1st of March 2018 was meant to actually consolidate on these progresses that have been made. So as to launch the University forward in the area of academic and research excellence. We have since coming on  board reinvigorated the vital organs of university administration in terms of bringing back the vibrancy of the Senate of the University which is the highest academic policy making body”, Prof Izam emphasized.

On his vision for the University, an excited Prof. Izam said, “In the next couple of years, the vision that I have for the Plateau State University (PLASU) is a research driven Institution that will be characterized by not only solid under graduate studies but also the commencement of Post Graduate studies, because when you talk about a University, the more of Post Graduate studies you do, the higher and deeper the research activism within the University”.
“Presently, we don’t have post graduate studies but in the next couple of years the vision that we have is to see ourselves also admitting students at the Post Graduate levels and deepening the culture of ground breaking research that will be relevant to solving local problems. Because a University is a Centre of knowledge creation and once you create knowledge, you also solve problems and there are a lot local problems that we have to deal with, not only in Plateau state but in Nigeria as a whole”. 

“So we are looking forward to a competitive brand that can stand the test of time, which can also compete with other universities in terms of the quality of graduates and in terms of the nature of problems we are also solving”.

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