Sunday, 6 May 2018


By: Prince Valentine Adese,
It is a fact that when a blind person calls for competition, he must have stood on advantageous ground.
The forceful re-election bid of President Muhammadu Buhari, seems to suggest this line of thinking according to most of the opposition political parties in the country. 
Hence, from reactions reaching the desk of REALITY, the reelection bid and moves by the President’s promoters is forcing the opposition not waved away this analysis with less efforts.

The opposition is worried that since the promoters of the President's bid have constantly reminded Nigerians of the President’s over 12million votes  waiting for  him in the northern part  of the country there is a strong indication that the promoters are very strategic and planning ahead. 

However, REALITY gathered that the challengers (oppositions), rather than being worried alone of this constant announcement of the President's second term bid have started re-analyzing the claims of the President's promoters. 

In their recent findings, the opposition believe that the facts on ground does not suggest the 12million votes allegedly been expected in favour of the President. 

Their findings in part are presented below:

1. The votes in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Nasarawa, Kaduna,  Adamawa, Zamfara are already been contested with the level of killings, insecurity and the body language of the President in these states.
2. The quit notice of the Catholic Church to the President, may also indicate their members voting pattern in the northern part of the country by members of the church.
3. The Shiites all over the northern states of Nigeria may not vote for the President again from the continual protest being staged in the capital city, Abuja.
4. The aggrieved lazy youths of the President, may showcase their anger and strength in 2019 elections, especially, noting that the President has boasted that he would win without their votes.
5. The Northern Elders Forum that worked and supported him in 2015, seem to have divided views now and may speak differently by 2019.

From the above, the opposition has held that it would be wrong for INEC or the promoters of Mr. President to still hang onto the expected 12million from the north.

“With the acceptance of the registration of under aged persons and the willingness of INEC to reverse the table, can there still be a 12milliion votes for Mr. President? The opposition has asked.

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