Wednesday 31 August 2022


For a society to develop and make progress, a former Commonwealth Secretary General, Chief Emeka Anyaoku stated that, good and effective leadership is prerequisite incorporated with forward-looking leaders who are committed to uplifting the welfare and well being of their people.

He said, “Good and effective leadership has been shown to be an indispensable requirement for human society to make progress and develop.

“Countries and nations, whose societies have attained appreciable development and advancement, have done so because they have been blessed with forward-looking and progressive leaders committed to uplifting the welfare and wellbeing of their people”.

Nigeria will soon be heading to the polls for general elections in 2023, and it’s very imperative for Plateau State to know the in-depth capacity of their gubernatorial candidates, use the necessary criteria of good leadership to judge them and make the right decision.

Aside Anyaoku’s submission of forward-looking and commitment to the welfare and wellbeing, the upliftment of the governed, disposition of leaders also counts a lot.

Rev Jesse Jackson said, “Leaders must be tough enough to fight, tender enough to cry, human enough to make mistakes, humble enough to admit them, strong enough to absorb the pain, and resilient enough to bounce back and keep moving.”

Other factors include: extraordinary multi-sectorial sagacity of the society, strong mental capacity, strong charismatic finesse and sound experience in the corridor of power.

I am setting my focus on Dr. Patrick Dakum of the Labour Party (LP), in Plateau State.

Does he possess the qualities of leading Plateau?

Dakum, by virtue of the positions he has held and the footprints he left behind, shows the capacity of his exposure and understanding of people at all levels.

He was a two time Commissioner in Plateau State. The Commissioner of Information and Health, under the Chief Joshua Dariye led administration.

Also: he was a Church elder at COCIN Headquarters Compound Church, Jos and the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN) and an Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, Baltimore.

These positions have placed him on the pedestal of local, national and international leadership, which he led and is leading people of different spiritual, ethnic, academic, racial and international background, thus, winding enormous knowledge of blending variables and diversities, to produce productive broth.

Governorship demands the knowledge of the workings of the executive, legislative and the judiciary too!

Dakum has this knowledge, being a member of the State Executive Council of the Chief Joshua Dariye led administration for Six years and Eleven months, where the administration was denied one year one month of completing eight years of its first and second term by virtue of the Six Months State of Emergency and Five Months illegal impeachment.

Under the administration, Dr. Dakum was in the know of the bills raised by the Executive and sent to the Legislature such as: the creation of Plateau State University, Bokkos, creation of new chiefdoms and districts, etc.

He also knows the indepth working relationship between the Executive and the Legislature, which helped and sustained the Dariye Administration for a long time.

A leader must be one who stands by the state and his principal on virtues and not illegalities. A good follower can make a good leader.

Dakum has exhibited absolute loyalty to his principal Dariye while in power, both in good and bad times. He didn’t give in to any juicy promise or inducement to support the kangaroo state of emergency declared on the state on May 18, 2004 and the illegal impeachment.

He faced persecution from then Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), led by Malam Nuhu Ribadu, but remained faithful till the end of their administration, on May 29, 2007.

A leader must listen and abide to productive and progressive wishes of his people. This is a fact! Dr. Dakum, being part of the think tank of the Dariye Administration has exhibited such quality.

It would be recalled that, during the State of Emergency, the then administrator, Major General Chris Alli (Rtd), had set up a Committee comprising representatives of all the tribes on the Plateau to come up with a blueprint on how to establish an enduring peace in the state.

The Committee completed its assignment and came up with their report tagged: “Plateau Resolves.” In the report, the Committee suggested that, Local Government Development areas, new Chiefdoms and new Districts should be created. Likewise, Traditional institutions should be upgraded.

As soon as, Dariye’s administration returned from the State of Emergency, it raised bills on the recommendations and sent them to the House of Assembly, where they were passed into laws.

This nobility is a feature that Dakum has listening ears.

Leadership demands the ability to fight and defend the governed. Dakum has proven his mettle when Dariye was set up and arrested in United Kingdom, UK, when he went for a medical checkup, during the emergency rule.

The Abuja-based politicians, who never wanted Dariye’s return to power, kept feeding the state with propaganda that suited them, but Dr. Dakum, gave them a serious fight in countering their propaganda, played the Maradona with them and kept them setting surveillance at UK and Nigerian’s Airports, without knowing the time that, Chief Dariye went and collected back his leadership mantle, on November 18, 2004.

After the return of their administration, the EFCC was on their neck harassing and arresting Commissioners and members of the House of Assembly leading to stagnation of government activities and nonpayment of salaries of workers, and the illegal impeachment.

Facts are that, instead of being weighed down, Dakum and others remained strong, while encouraging Dariye and they both weathered the storm.

They challenged the illegal impeachment in Court and won.

The Holy Scripture says, “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.” Proverbs 26:10.

Dakum did not faint in the days of their adversities. Thus; showing he is always very strong in the face of adversities and nothing weighs him down. His stay in government has exposed him to the problems of Plateau State.

An axiom holds that, a problem know, is a problem half solved.

Dakum’s ability and strong will to weather every storm against the then Dariye’s Administration has proven him a gallant soldier, and the inability of the then Federal Government and Abuja-based politicians, to cajole him into compromise has proven that, Dakum is not a sell out or traitor.

Saturday 27 August 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Nigerian Minister for Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen has bagged an Award from the Independent Publishers’ Association (IPA), as recognition for her “Humanitarian Services”.


The Award, which came to her as a surprise was presented to her in Abuja by the Chairman of IPA, Mr. Shabul Mazadu.


Mr. Shabul Mazadu, leading other members of Exco of the Association also paid a visit on the former governor of Plateau State, Sen. Joshua Dariye at his residence in Abuja.


Responding to the Award in her brief way of expressing her appreciation, the Minister, Dame Pauline has described women as, “God’s special creation”.

Tallen in part said, “God specially created woman from the side ribs of Man, which therefore means that, they are meant to walk side by side”.


Friday 19 August 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

A group in the Plateau State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), under the aegis of “APC Strategic Monitoring Team” has thrown its weight in support of the appointment of the Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, who also doubles as the Chairman of Northern Governors’ Forum (NGF), as the Director –General (D-G) of Tinubu/Shettima Campaign Organization.

The group, which made its position known in a press conference at the NUJ, Plateau State press center yesterday, said that, with the critical moment in the political situation in the country, “the dire need to contribute to the political discourse and add flesh to the framework, became very necessary”.

Adding that, their silence in the past needed to be corrected for the common good of the country and its citizens.

In expressing their support for the appointment of Governor Lalong, as DG, the group stated that, “Governor Lalong’s selection provides the other leg of the Tripod on which the much yearned inclusion, fairness and equity are needed to stand”.

According to the Spokesman of the group, the APC Strategic Monitoring Team (APC-SMT) is a group of progressives across the 17 LGAs of Plateau State that have come together to foster and drive, through the tenets of progressives across the length and breadth of the state.

Adding that, “Though a political group, we are devoid of excessive partisanship, as we place a high premium on national interest and the principles of justice. Our core value is to see to the promotion of germane and pertinent principles that add to the advancement of our people in all ramifications”.

APC Strategic Monitoring Team Press Text, dated 19th August, 2022 and signed by, Golepji Wambuldo and Bukhari Auwal, as Coordinator and Secretary respectively, in part reads, “We salute and support the decision of our party the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the flag bearer, H.E Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos State, in appointing our Governor, H.E. Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Simon Bako Lalong (KSGG), the Executive Governor of Plateau State and the Chairman, Northern Governors’ Forum (NGF), to serve as the Campaign Director-General of the Tinubu/Shettima Organization.

“His selection provides the other leg of the Tripod on which the Much-yearned inclusion, fairness and equity are needed to stand.

“for most of us, a Presidential Campaign Director General is not just a mere appointment in the Campaign Council, rather, it is in the heartbeat of the whole transition process and political negotiations that the foundation of a new Government is set, after winning an election.

“The Campaign DG, as a most critical component of the transition process will promote the needed balance expected of a diverse entity like Nigeria, including the concern of faith.

“Should he be vilified for his decision to accept the position of a DG Campaign? No! Not at all! Because it does not make sense for the whole field to be deserted and be left without a mark and efforts, to correct the anomaly.

“Also, is the leadership or the quest for leadership going to end in 2023? What about getting involved to make a huge leap in the future?

“The appointment of the DG did not come to us as a surprise because he has never lost any election and has led several successful elections around the nation.

“It will undoubtedly be on record that he has achieved a great feat by fighting doggedly for the entrenchment of fairness that without any iota of doubt has ensured that the APC Presidential ticket moved to the Southern part of the country in a deliberate attempt to foster equity and justice within the polity, which strengthens national cohesion.

“In all fairness to His Excellency, Governor Simon Bako Lalong, was he not instrumental as the Northern Governors’ Forum Chairman in insisting that power must shift to the South?



Thursday 11 August 2022


By; Valentine Adese (JP),

In order to take advantage of Media Convergence in Plateau State and the need to create a single platform for easy access to reports through the Internet, the Plateau State Peace Building Agency (PPBA), has held a One-day Consultative Meeting with Media Stakeholders in the state, yesterday (10/08/2022), at Crest Hotel Jos.

With the Meeting theme: “Taking Advantage of the Convergence of News Media In Reporting The Farmers/Herder Conflict In Plateau State”, the participants came out with a stable idea of creating a platform where conventional mass media outlets, like the Television, the Radio and the Newspapers could publish their reports/works in real time and on the same internet platform.

It is of note that, the Concept Convergence of the Mass Media is a new concept that evolved within the media cycles in a little over a decade ago and the idea is borne out of the advancement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), whereby the various Media of Mass Communication could be linked on a single platform of the International Network of Computers, otherwise known as the Internet.

The meeting was also aimed at assessing, how this means of communication has fared in particularly, in the reporting of Farmers and the Herders clashes in Plateau State.

At the meeting proper, while welcoming the participants, Mr. Kenneth (Of PPBA Media Department) representing the Director- General of PPBA, called on participants to put all hands on deck to see that, the farmers/herders conflict comes to an end, create a proper check and reporting of the conflict in the state.

The meeting led by, Journalist Yemi Kosoko, also took time to take an overview of previous meetings and their resolutions, before participants started contributing to the issues at hand.




Tuesday 9 August 2022




It has become pertinent for us to write with respect to the recent happening in the state, especially in this era of politicking. As church leaders we would not have meddle into the arena, but because it affects the Church and the future of Christianity, we can’t afford to remain mute, especially on the following subject matter.

  1. RECONSTRUCTION OF JOS MAIN MARKET AND JAIZ BANK FINANCING OPTION: The church on the Plateau was awakened by the intent of the state Government to enter negotiation on and even contemplate the signing of MOU with the Bank in a contraction sum of about ten billion naira. The Church was concern because the bank has stated in its mission that, it’s 100% Sharia compliance and basically Islamic, with a sharing formular of 60:40 ration in Favour of JAIZ Bank, we believe that the bank will Favour those that respect their principles, in this case Sharia, that is the Muslims, to the detriment of the majority of Christians in the state.

We had wondered why the State Government cannot sacrificed to build the market, we are also asking why the Government won’t approached other banks that are not religious bias, so that none of the religious body would feel marginalized. We were part of discussion with the Government and the Plateau People at the government house were Plateau people vehemently refuse the unholy marriage between the state Government and Jaiz Bank. We could remember that the meeting was well represented in attendance in the meeting were members of PIDAN, Coalition of Plateau Indigenous Youths Council, Plateau Youth Council (PYC), Christian Association of Nigeria, both the Women and Youth wing of CAN in the State, all the groups had objected to the Choice of the bank.

Rev. Benard Kyenson Convener

May we put it on record that, the Christians on the Plateau appreciate and endorse the decision to re-build the market, but NOT with fund from Jaiz Bank whose principles is religious bias and against the majority Christians in the state, under such terms and condition as reflected by the MOU, with the State Government in this present administration.

We are also aware on the decision for the State House of Assembly to Conduct hearing on the subject matter, we as plateau Christians and people would be engaging our representative on the subject matter and will reject any situation were reports consultation within the constituency.

We are grateful with the efforts made by the member representing Jos south /Jos East Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Dachom Bagos, who instituted a case restraining the Government from signing the MOU in a court. As we await the court decision, the entire Christian community are proud of you and all the illustrious sons of Plateau, both within and outside the state and country. We shall remain faithful to the cause of preserving the future and integrity of Our State.

  1. MUSLIM/MUSLIM TICKETS: We would also add our voice to the Political decision by All Progressive Congress (APC) as a political party, their decision to neglect the Christians in the North, shows the great level of religious insensitivity of the party. The decision of the party did not only discourage the Christians in the party but do portray it as one which is antichristian and pursing the already speculated Islamization agenda.

We as a faithful and committed Christians are adding our voices to that of other religious bodies especially CAN, to persuade our Christians brothers, who have been faithful and submissive to the APC as a party to immediately withdraw their members from the party since it did not value nor respect their religion.

We are also expressing surprise that the party that does not value a Christian to attract votes in the position of a Vice Presidential Candidates Would suddenly turn and appoint a Christian as its Campaign Director General or Coordinator, with this, we refer to the appointment of Governor Simon Bako Lalong, of Plateau State, to us it only portray that, the Christians, are only good at wooing people to vote, but not occupying elective position. In these regards, we are calling on Rt. Hon Simon Bako Lalong to reject the offer as we the Plateau Christian will NOT support him in this suspicious engagement or assignment. The APC Had rejected to picked him for the position of the Vice-Presidential candidate based on competence, then now turning back to make him sort for votes to the party.

  1. INSECURITY: We are deeply concern about the level of degenerate insecurity in our state, the daily killing of Plateau citizen by bandits and the famnous unknown gunmen, 1S Worrisome. This has affected agricultural and school activities, in various communities in the state. We are concern with the raising insecurity in Wase, Bassa, Riyom and Barkin Ladi LGA of the state.

The activities of kidnappers have almost become a norm in the State. We are calling on the state Government make more efforts in curtailing this act by the enemies of the State. The activities of commercial motor circle in the state which had been suspended is on the increase as the insecurity increases in some areas of the state. We are calling on the government to re-enforce the banned-on motorcycle in the state.

  1. CLARION CALL ON STAKEHOLDERS: May we continue to Pray for the State Governor, as he has become our concern with his statement that He is not a “Christian Governor”, the statement either within or outside

Context is a concern to the Christian in the State. We wish to sum up Our press statement with a call on all patriotic Plateau People to ensure that we come out and voice our mind on matters affecting the state, we cannot afford sentiment from any person or group of people who are bent at mortgaging the future of the state, for personal or political gain.

Long live Plateau State

Long Live Christian Community in Nigeria.

Rev Benard Kyenson


Pastor Julius S. Arabo



In less than 24 hours after his appointment as the Director General of the Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Organization, the political stratosphere in Nigeria is already electrified.

Few political events have excited the populace in recent times, like the reality of having Governor Simon Lalong leading the APC campaign trail ahead the 2023 general elections.

The excitement reverberating in the APC over the choice of the Governor as the campaign DG proves that, not only has the party made the right choice, but that his appointment has added a lease of life to the APC behemoth.

As the new DG moved straight from the Presidential Villa, where he was unveiled to President Muhammadu Buhari by the trio of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Kashim Shetima and Sen. Abdullahi Adamu, the presidential flagbearers and APC national chairman, respectively, to the warm embrace of well wishers in Jos who came out in their thousands across party lines to welcome him, it was obvious that the APC has been recharged for greater things ahead.

In the midst of the euphoria, the enormity of the task ahead was not lost on the Governor, who is not new to such tasks as he had successfully handled similar tasks in the past with his leadership of the campaign of Governor Oyetola in 2018, where he delivered Osun state to the APC.

Governor Lalong made an impression as a true patriot following the nomination of the APC vice presidential candidate. While other contenders lost their cool and were dragging the party to the mud for losing out, he maintained a calm disposition and drew from clearer thinking, believing in the truism that a true leader doesn’t create separation but brings people together.

As chairman, Northern Governors Forum (NGF) and the only Christian APC Governor in the North, he silently continued to work assiduously for the success and growth of his beloved party.

He traded the dictum of Martin Luther King, which says, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a moulder of consensus”.

The early fruits of his labour became apparent following the visit of the Benue State APC governorship candidate, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia, on August 3, where the Reverend gentleman appreciated the Governor’s support and encouragement.

The calm demeanour of this former two-term Speaker of Conference of Nigerian Speakers of Nigeria, attracted his Governor-colleagues, who beamed their searchlight on him to end the teething imbroglio and unite the party to victory.

His reputation preceded him!


Lalong was the first and only parliamentarian to have survived the first recall process, and suffered about 50 days incarceration following his refusal to impeach his then Governor, Joshua Dariye, and went on to defeat the then ruling party in the state to emerge as Governor of Plateau State.

In all intent and purposes, Lalong stood tall with capacity to carry the trust to steer the course and end the ensuing brouhaha in the APC.

Majority of party faithful trusted this Catholic Knight of KSGG to bridge the religious gaps and lead the party to victory.

As the longest serving Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Governor Lalong is already putting his boots on the ground to underscore the urgency of the task ahead.

Armed with the reality that, all politics is local, he is hitting the ground running by starting from his state (home base) by consolidating on the vigour and renewed strength of the APC on the Plateau.

As the APC Governor in Northern Nigeria, who has won the hearts of his colleagues to lead them as their Chairman, unifying leaders and building blocks of cooperation has been his turf.

With his sleeves rolled up, this Barrister is sired to apply his skills, experience and unblemished track record to lead APC to victory.

Like Martin Luther said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

For the APC in Nigeria, it is time again to echo the reigning argot, ‘We move!’

Monday 1 August 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The Publisher of the Beacon Newspaper, who also doubles as the Chairman of the Independent Publishers’ Association (IPA), Comrade Shabul Mazadu has bagged First Samaritan Love Foundation’s “Magazine Peace and Security Award”.

Shabul Mazadu, a seasoned Journalist, was bestowed with the Award by Foundation, for his efforts in supporting the course of the youths using his platform(s) as a Journalist, even when it’s not convenient to him. The organization had stated in its remarks about the Awardees.

Others who bagged the First Samaritan Love Foundation’s Awards during the weekend were, the  Minister for Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen and Member representing Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam(PKK) federal constituency of Plateau State, at the Federal House of Representatives , Rt. Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gadi, the Deputy Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon. Saleh Yipmong, the Majority Leader of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon. Nanlong Daniel and the renowned Kifiano Motors, among host of others.

Receiving and appreciating the Award at Crest Hotel, the venue of the occasion, Comr. Shabul said, the Award would only spur him to do more for society, especially, for the youths.

Mr. Shabul said, “the Award will spur me to do more in the support of the youths and the downtrodden, who are helpless in the society because, to whom much is given much is expected!”.

In a similar way, the Minister of Women Affairs and the former Deputy Governor of Plateau State, Dame Pauline Tallen, who also received an Award, for her selfless efforts in championing the course of women and the girl child in the state in particular and the country at large, represented by the former Director of Nigeria Institute of Journalism (NIJ), Jos Campus, Mrs. Martina Kure, appreciated the organization for the Award.

She said that, the Award is very dear to her heart and would spur her to do more in fighting for the course of the helpless women folks and the girl child, who are grossly subjugated daily by the society, largely because of their gender as female child.

The Minister however, frowned at the constant reported cases of violence against women in Nigeria by the male folks and vowed to use her office as Women Affairs Minister to make sure any woman who is unjustly violated, get Justice in order to serve as deterrent to others.