Tuesday 9 August 2022




It has become pertinent for us to write with respect to the recent happening in the state, especially in this era of politicking. As church leaders we would not have meddle into the arena, but because it affects the Church and the future of Christianity, we can’t afford to remain mute, especially on the following subject matter.

  1. RECONSTRUCTION OF JOS MAIN MARKET AND JAIZ BANK FINANCING OPTION: The church on the Plateau was awakened by the intent of the state Government to enter negotiation on and even contemplate the signing of MOU with the Bank in a contraction sum of about ten billion naira. The Church was concern because the bank has stated in its mission that, it’s 100% Sharia compliance and basically Islamic, with a sharing formular of 60:40 ration in Favour of JAIZ Bank, we believe that the bank will Favour those that respect their principles, in this case Sharia, that is the Muslims, to the detriment of the majority of Christians in the state.

We had wondered why the State Government cannot sacrificed to build the market, we are also asking why the Government won’t approached other banks that are not religious bias, so that none of the religious body would feel marginalized. We were part of discussion with the Government and the Plateau People at the government house were Plateau people vehemently refuse the unholy marriage between the state Government and Jaiz Bank. We could remember that the meeting was well represented in attendance in the meeting were members of PIDAN, Coalition of Plateau Indigenous Youths Council, Plateau Youth Council (PYC), Christian Association of Nigeria, both the Women and Youth wing of CAN in the State, all the groups had objected to the Choice of the bank.

Rev. Benard Kyenson Convener

May we put it on record that, the Christians on the Plateau appreciate and endorse the decision to re-build the market, but NOT with fund from Jaiz Bank whose principles is religious bias and against the majority Christians in the state, under such terms and condition as reflected by the MOU, with the State Government in this present administration.

We are also aware on the decision for the State House of Assembly to Conduct hearing on the subject matter, we as plateau Christians and people would be engaging our representative on the subject matter and will reject any situation were reports consultation within the constituency.

We are grateful with the efforts made by the member representing Jos south /Jos East Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Dachom Bagos, who instituted a case restraining the Government from signing the MOU in a court. As we await the court decision, the entire Christian community are proud of you and all the illustrious sons of Plateau, both within and outside the state and country. We shall remain faithful to the cause of preserving the future and integrity of Our State.

  1. MUSLIM/MUSLIM TICKETS: We would also add our voice to the Political decision by All Progressive Congress (APC) as a political party, their decision to neglect the Christians in the North, shows the great level of religious insensitivity of the party. The decision of the party did not only discourage the Christians in the party but do portray it as one which is antichristian and pursing the already speculated Islamization agenda.

We as a faithful and committed Christians are adding our voices to that of other religious bodies especially CAN, to persuade our Christians brothers, who have been faithful and submissive to the APC as a party to immediately withdraw their members from the party since it did not value nor respect their religion.

We are also expressing surprise that the party that does not value a Christian to attract votes in the position of a Vice Presidential Candidates Would suddenly turn and appoint a Christian as its Campaign Director General or Coordinator, with this, we refer to the appointment of Governor Simon Bako Lalong, of Plateau State, to us it only portray that, the Christians, are only good at wooing people to vote, but not occupying elective position. In these regards, we are calling on Rt. Hon Simon Bako Lalong to reject the offer as we the Plateau Christian will NOT support him in this suspicious engagement or assignment. The APC Had rejected to picked him for the position of the Vice-Presidential candidate based on competence, then now turning back to make him sort for votes to the party.

  1. INSECURITY: We are deeply concern about the level of degenerate insecurity in our state, the daily killing of Plateau citizen by bandits and the famnous unknown gunmen, 1S Worrisome. This has affected agricultural and school activities, in various communities in the state. We are concern with the raising insecurity in Wase, Bassa, Riyom and Barkin Ladi LGA of the state.

The activities of kidnappers have almost become a norm in the State. We are calling on the state Government make more efforts in curtailing this act by the enemies of the State. The activities of commercial motor circle in the state which had been suspended is on the increase as the insecurity increases in some areas of the state. We are calling on the government to re-enforce the banned-on motorcycle in the state.

  1. CLARION CALL ON STAKEHOLDERS: May we continue to Pray for the State Governor, as he has become our concern with his statement that He is not a “Christian Governor”, the statement either within or outside

Context is a concern to the Christian in the State. We wish to sum up Our press statement with a call on all patriotic Plateau People to ensure that we come out and voice our mind on matters affecting the state, we cannot afford sentiment from any person or group of people who are bent at mortgaging the future of the state, for personal or political gain.

Long live Plateau State

Long Live Christian Community in Nigeria.

Rev Benard Kyenson


Pastor Julius S. Arabo


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