Saturday 18 June 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

BOMAS Academy has become one of the first (1st) Schools in Plateau State, Nigeria that has introduced the subject of Climate Change into its School’s Curriculum.

The school has also taken it upon itself to also encourage the advocacy for a zero waste life style among its pupils.

The Head Teacher of BOMAS Academy, Bosede Obende, disclosed these to journalists, during the Commonwealth Connection Project event at the school premises.

She said, “Our students have also had to work on climate advocacy.

“We have taught our pupils on the need to waste less food, advocating a plant rich diet, consuming less energy and water. With this exposure, we know that ordinary citizens can participate in combating climate change”.

Speaking further on the Common Wealth Project and its importance to the pupils in the Academy, the Head Teaching, Bosede Obende, described the journey so far in her welcoming speech at the occasion as, “exciting”.

“Our journey culminating to this day has been an exciting and fulfilling one. Getting to participate in this Commonwealth Connections Project is something we will not forget in a hurry.

“At the start of this project, ten change makers were selected, with the consent and co operation of their parents, we have seen them taking their place in effecting changes in the school community.

“When we were approached, we never thought it was going to be like this. In building their strength and encouraging sports, our pupils started off with learning about what long distances races were all about, they were involved in marathon races, running around the school environment and our students are never ones  not take up a challenge.


“They have had fun learning Board Games and playing them. They have also learnt and worked on their skills playing the local games like Baram and Dara.

“A basketball, Baram and Dara tournaments were also organized, and our pupils got to play with the Red Eagles, a couple of youngsters.

“Our pupils overtime have learnt sportsmanship, and are now more confident at playing different sports.

“Our pupils’ love for the arts, have increased, and we have seen them work on their arts, seen a tremendous improvement in their drawings, writing and reciting poems, working with the local languages and on their presentations”.

Mr. Livinus Otteh

Adding his voice to the position presented by Bosede, the Commonwealth Creative Artist Nigeria, Mr. Livinus Otteh, told Journalists that the Project is a part of Commonwealth Games programme, popularly known as, Commonwealth Connection, which provides educational opportunities for young people in Schools across the Commonwealth, to learn together and develop deeper knowledge and understanding of the Commonwealth and its values. Thus, allowing young people to feel more ownership and ability to shape their communities.

It is of note that, Commonwealth Connection is funded by Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee and the British Council and that theme of this year is, “The earth, our home-working together for an adaptable and transformative ecosystem”.

According to Mr. Livinus Otteh, in his speech during the occasion, he explained that, this year’s theme aims at X-raying the cause of climate change, the impact of its devastation and the solutions thereof.

Bankole Afolabi, the Country Lead of the CWC Project

On her part, Bankole Afolabi, the Country Lead of the CWC Project, expressed excitement over the developments in BOMAS Academy.

Bankole said, “This project has five schools from Nigeria, and five countries from Sub-Sahara Africa. The criterion for choosing the host school is through an application to the British Council.

The project has two phases. The first is Arts and the second is sports”.

It is of note that Commonwealth Connections has been made possible through grant funding provided by the British Council and the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Youth Programme.

This project forms part of wider programme of engagement activity led by Birmingham 2022, connecting children and young people between ages 5-25.

More facts related to this is that, in the UK, the Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP), is the lead delivery partner responsible for recruitment of UK schools.



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