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DATE: 27TH JULY, 2023.

As credible Members and Elders of the defunct ACN CPC and ANPP, we pray for the best for our PRESIDENT as he assumes the mantle of leadership of this Great Nation.

We are however, forced to make this Press Statement as Elders in the All Progressives Congress (APC) chapter of Plateau State, to further draw the attention of our dear President, Sen. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to consider Chief, Dr. Amos Gizo, as the suitable person to occupy the Plateau State Ministerial Slot.

Our hearts were gladdened to know that, the decision to pick a qualified peoples’ choice for the position is still pending, after perusing the present list of Ministerial Nominees made public officially.

We are of the believe that, Mr. President is still out in the field putting all efforts to pick the right person that will represent, not only the interest of the country and Plateau state in his cabinet, but a person that will unite the party’s chapter in the state and project the existence of the APC continually and throughout the tenure of Mr. President and beyond.

We have continually observed that, many names have been mentioned or forwarded for this position, but we wish to express our objection to several of these names, owind to the very experiences we have had as Elders in the state chapter, apart from that of Dr. Gizo.

We also know for a fact that many members, who have lost faith in the party for their personal pursuit few months ago and that had made public moves to leave the party for their governorship ambitions under other political platforms in the state, but for reason(s) of circumstance, they are now being engaged professional to sever the party in different capacities, are been forwarded to Your Excellency to be appointed as Minister to occupy the Plateau State slot.

We strongly object to their nominations for the Plateau State Ministerial position, as the party’s existence does not rest on their shoulders and therefore cannot represent the people from the backdoor.

We make bold to let you know Mr. President that, among the name’s for Minister forwarded none of them won their Polling Unit or Ward for you, Mr. President, exception of Chief Amos Gizo, who won his Polling Unit up to the local government council. Surprisingly, that is something that, the DG Campaign of our party couldn’t achieve. The DG only won his Polling Unit for himself, but lost the presidential election in his Polling Unit to Ward level up and to the local government. Same goes for all others, who are parading themselves for the Ministerial appointment. Sadly, they are also not team players.


We, being proud members of the founding fathers of APC, which has a wide geopolitical acceptability that had worked tirelessly for the emergence, of Mr. President, have continued to uphold the presentation and nomination of, Dr. Amos Gizo, as Elders of the party’s chapter in the state for the Plateau State slot for the Ministerial appointment for the following outlined reasons below, Mr. President.

Our request is hinged on the fact that, Chief Gizo is well-experienced in governance and suitably accepted by the defunct ACN, CPC and ANPP in the State as our leader.

He is a selfless and charismatic personality, who since his political surgeon has constantly identified with the President, from ACD, AD, ACN and to APC.

He has served the party in various capacities and he is also perceived to be a political-inequalities, an antidote for fairness, equity and justice in the new administration.

This is because he worked tirelessly, during the Presidential primary for the emergence of Mr. President, as the Presidential candidate of the party, when the Governor of the state failed to uphold his loyalty.

Secondly, it was Dr. Gizo’s ability to coordinate members of the party in the Zone, particularly, from Plateau State that gave His Excellency, the winning votes during the primary election, thereby, disobeying all directives to members to divert their votes.

Thirdly, as an Elder among leaders of the Christians faith, Chief Gizo, refused to pull out from his colleagues, but rather, built more tents for you, Your Excellency.


More fundamentally is the fact that, Dr. Amos Gizo is from the disadvantaged Plateau Central Zone that had a brief Minister during the era of Late President Ya’radua, while the North and Southern Zones have produced Ministers Five times each, from 1999 to date.

Dr. Gizo is also from a disadvantaged Local Government of Kanam in Plateau State that has never produced a Governor or Senator since 1999, as against the other four (4) Local Governments in the Zone.

For a brief history, Kanke LGA has produced, Senators twice, Bokkos LGA has produced Senators three times and including a Governor for two terms, while Mangu LGA has produced Senator twice.

For the record also, the present Governor of the state is from Mangu LGA and lastly, Pankshin LGA is the present occupier of the Senate seat at the National Assembly.

These explain why, Dr. Amos Gizo is most qualified for the Ministerial slot coming from Kanam Local Government Area in the Central Zone of the state.

Politically, a good statistical take on the outcome of the Presidential election’s result and that of the governorship of the APC from Plateau State, will be a good indicator of the efforts of this group and Chief Gizo, to deliver the APC and you, Mr. President.

Your Excellency, Sir, just to mention a few of the role Chief Amos Gizo played during the elections too.

Firstly, he was the coordinator of both the Christian and Moslem faith for reconciliation.

Secondly, he was involved in reconciling Bauchi State difference.

Thirdly, he was the appealed Chairman of Yobe State despite the fact that, the defunct CPC, ACN and ANPP were not given anything for the election.

Fourthly, with the intervention of Gizo and Faleke, we were mobilized to our various local government units and Wards through the efforts of Chief Amos Gizo.

It is in this regard that we are calling with a very big voice that, Chief Amos Gizo should be given the position of the Minister representing Plateau to enable the party unite again.

The appointment of Dr. Gizo, we hopefully believe is key in balancing the political power and more

Your Excellency Sir, you are a seasoned politician and we know you are more informed of what we are saying because, you already know the character of those you are dealing with.

We only want an inclusive leadership on the Plateau and you can only do that, by bringing someone that knows exactly the merger principles.

Long Live Your Excellency our President

Long Live All Progressives Congress,

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Chief Elder D. Dastur,



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