Friday 14 May 2021

Poverty: Gov. Bala knocks FG, Says, It Has Lost The Idea On How To Grow Nigeria's Economy

By: Luka Daniel, Bauchi,

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State said on Thursday that, the Federal government of Nigeria has lost the idea of how to grow the country’s economy.

Bala made the observation, Thursday, while Fielding questions from journalists at the Government House on what should be done to grow the economy of the country in the midst of its poverty level.

The Governor, who further said that the present Federal Government lacks the idea to grow the economy, explained that, what they knew best is “to only involve in a blame game”.

“I think the economy should be grown. I am not talking as an opposition, I think the Federal government has lost any idea to grow the economy, they are just involved in a blame game, what they are known best for, is blame game”, the Governor said.

According to him, “they are always saying this and that, and they are not even fighting the corruption they said they are fighting”, Bala added.

Governor Bala, who pointed out that there is more corruption in the country now, explained that, “perceptions are built that there are sacred cows, there are tin gods in this country that cannot be touched”.

He said that, any government that is not fair and equitable in its administration or management cannot grow the economy.

Bala, who said there is bound to be problem with any government that is involved in nepotism where only one section is given attention said “what the southern governors said is part of some aspects of truth, where some people were given too much attention to the detriment of others”.

He further said, “what we know in this country is, there should always be a balance in terms of appointments in federal offices, in terms of appointments even at the local level because if you don’t practice fairness at the top, then you cannot get it at the Federal level and people will begin to think of self actualization, self determination and so on and so forth.

“It will be thought negatively unless we show fairness and equity in the leadership of this country; we cannot grow the economy because perceptions will be there. That is my take”, Governor Bala said.

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