Thursday 24 March 2022


By: Frank Agbai,

As the investigation concerning the report of a Social Media video making the rounds concerning a Nurse, who was performing her professional duty of advocacy to patients in Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) continues, Human Rights Activists based in Jos, have called on the Management of JUTH, the Nurses and other Staff of the institution to rally support for the Nurse, as they described the report as an “Espionage” and not Journalism.

Speaking to Journalists in Jos, a Director of Civil Liberty Organization, Comrade Steve Aluko Daniel among other Human Rights Activists in the state, hinted that, the Reporter, though using clandestine approach, which is not journalistically recommended to get his information, was also not the maker of the video and yet both the video and the journalist targeted the same Nurse.

Aluko said, the Staff and Management of the institution must look at this line of action and know that, it is the institution that is been spied on and not just the innocent Nurse, who was performing her professional duty of advocacy in her department and place of work.

He said, “The purpose of targeting the Nurse is not clear by the medium, as the video and the journalist acted at different times to achieve same purpose.

“The fact that, the Nurse’s advocacy, was for the general public, why was her statement edited by the journalist and the medium?

“The strong bias exhibited by the Reporter and his medium is also traceable to the fact that, they were more concerned about a statement and not the wellbeing of the patients in the Hospital, as they could not establish segregation among patients in the wards, and other professional sections of the Hospital.

“I therefore urge the Nurses, the Management and other Staff of the institution to rally round the Nurse, as there is more to this that meets the eyes”.

On his part, the Publisher of REALITY Newspaper, Journalist Valentine Adese (JP), while on a Talk-Show on JayFM, monitored by this Newspaper in Jos said, “Journalism does not in any way encourage espionage. The best practice according to the Code and Ethics of the profession, identification of a practitioner is key, especially when the environment poses no danger, like the case in JUTH.

“This is necessary in order to enable the interviewee know his boundaries and responsibility.

“Of course, from the facts before us now, the Journalist was not the maker of the video. He may have been authorized to investigate the matter, but his decision to go for the same Nurse in a Policy-Based issue, was not right.

“Secondly, since the Nurse spoke to the patients in public and he needed explanation because he disguised himself as one, he must identify himself at that point. This is because interviews are journalists’ professional tool”.

“Furthermore, the editing of the presentation of the Nurse by either the Journalist or the Medium was completely wrong and professionally bias.

“From the video making the rounds, the Nurse simply used Fulani, Hausa, Taroh, Plateau, Jos North, Ogbomosho and other place to illustrate her points, while advising the patients at the GOP. That question that would come to mind will be, why the emphasis on Hausa/Fulani by the Journalist and the Medium?”



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