Monday 13 February 2023


By: Hauwa Kabir,

The presidential bid of Sen. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu (ABT) has again gotten a further boost, as a one- time Senatorial Aspirant of Southern Kaduna (Zone 3), Barr Samuel Bature has thrown his full weight for his bid.

Barr Samuel Bature, from information reaching REALITY has called on all his supporters, the good people of Southern Kaduna and his loyalists, to vote for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu (ABT) in the February 2023, Presidential Election.

Barr Samuel Bature

As a point of concern, Barr Samuel Bature has also taken time to draw the attention of the APC and its presidential candidate to the plights of the people of Southern Kaduna.

The Legal Practitioner has urged the septuagenarian to immediately after been elected into office, to look into the multi-decade challenges confronting the people of Southern Kaduna Senatorial Zone 3.

According to Bature (Esq), “ABT is the only candidate that can promote Northern Minority’s Rights given his pedigree”.

While making this known to our Correspondent in Kaduna today, Barr Samuel Bature reiterated that, “for decades, the problems in Southern Kaduna have persisted majorly because of little or no attention given by previous administrations.

“Joblessness/unemployment, incessant attacks by unknown Gunmen, lack of Scholarships, poor infrastructure (including bad roads, lack of power/electricity, poor health care facilities) to mention but a few, have continued to plaque the zone for so long”.

Bature also lamented that, there has not been any recent federal project located in the zone and the people have been conveniently excluded and sidelined from political appointments at federal and state level.

Barr Samuel Bature

The one-time Senatorial Aspirant pointed out that, the peaceful and loving people of Southern Kaduna strongly believe that, it is about time for the Presidency to be zoned to the Southern part of the Country and ABT happens to be the most qualified candidate for the exalted office.

“While many Nigerians may be skeptical about his candidacy due to his religious affiliation, we the peaceful people of Southern Kaduna are rest assured that, ABT will run an inclusive government given his outstanding political track record.

“Furthermore, ABT has demonstrated a high level of political and leadership qualities over the years and this has earned him utmost respect and relentless support from his own people.

“The one -time Lagos State Governor has indeed been able to build a formidable political system that has attracted a lot of attention locally and internationally.

“Owing to the unmatched political and leadership records of this great patriot, several undergraduate students in higher institutions within and outside the country view him academically within the stratosphere of political science, as a political dime-God, and has become a subject of a thesis titled: “Making of a Strong and Responsible Regional political leader in Nigeria: Bola Tinubu, as a case study”

Barr Samuel Bature

Barr Samuel Bature stresses that, a major paradigm shift is about to take place, and it is not out of place for some Nigerians to be skeptical and even resistant to it.

However, he pointed out that, it is unacceptable to insult or make a caricature of a respectable political candidate, who emerged as the flag bearer of a strong political party in a free and fair presidential primary election.


Bature in this exclusive interview with REALITY, further drew the attention of the next presidential hopeful, to the plight of the loving people of Southern Kaduna and other minority tribes in Nigeria. He pointed out that, there are so many competent Human resources among the minority tribes, who have proven track records and can add value to the next government.

Bature also affirm that, “the inclusion of minority tribes will go a Long way to promote the growth, unity and progress in a nation that has been divided along Ethno- cultural, political, and religious lines for decades”.

Adding that, “interfaith and intercultural dialogue under the supervision of a credible leader at the top is crucial for the attainment of the much needed peace and stability in the region and the country at large.

“Understandable, there are bad elements in the party, that is, those, who have made it a duty to drag the honest intentions and genuine goodwill of the party to shame and disgrace.

“The bad News for them is that, ABT is skilled in the artistry of identifying and fishing out party-Judas and hypocrites.

“ABT possess the ability to produce amongst others, a credible team of human potential that can lead the match to a new Nigeria”.

According to Bature, the Asiwaju’s leadership structure would bring to an end the promotion of tribal tattoos and religious sentiments.

“If anyone is aggrieved by the party’s strategy of winning elections it will be better for that person to leave than to remain and connive with the opposition against the interest of the party”. He posited.

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