Thursday 23 February 2023


My Dear people of Plateau, it is another election season.

1.​The events of the last 8 years are instructive; we have had to go through tough times but we are presented with yet another opportunity to vote for those who will govern us in the next four years and perhaps beyond. As the resilient people that we are, we have had to endure hardships as were never envisaged in our dear country and State. In this 2023 general elections, every Nigerian has an inalienable right to vote and be voted. For those who are not candidates, it is our right to vote for candidates of our choice.

2.​As the campaigns by the various political parties draw to a close, it is our responsibility to ensure a massive turnout to discharge our civic rights in voting our conscience. The political parties have thus far conducted themselves in an orderly manner and must be commended for holding rancour-free campaigns in selling their candidates.

3.​The 2023 general election is indeed an all-important one in deciding the future of our dear country and State. Citizens must, therefore, be prepared to not only vote but safeguard their votes by ensuring that the elections are held in an atmosphere devoid of any conduct that will undermine their choices.

4.​It is noteworthy to say that we have another opportunity on our hands to decide which turn our nation will take from here, I am calling on citizens to give this election the seriousness it deserves by following the directions of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), which has thus far, displayed a commitment to giving Nigerians an election to be proud of.

5.​Let me also call on all contestants that imbibe the spirit of good sportsmanship in accepting the outcome of the elections and joining hands with those who will be declared as winners to move our country and dear state forward. Elections are seasonal but our humanity and brotherhood are eternal, we should not allow momentary activities to distort our longstanding bonds of unity and oneness.

6.​I am also happy that all the stakeholders in the elections – INEC, political parties, security agencies, CSOs, and the voting public have all shown enthusiasm in making the 2023 elections a success. We must not waver in our resolve to build a nation of which we all will be proud. We have another chance to show the world that Nigeria is a leader on the continent and a major player in global affairs. The conduct of this election will put us on the right pedestal to take our place of pride amongst the comity of nations.

7.​History beckons! Let us not fail our dear nation and state. We are able and prepared to be part of history, let us make it happen.

Senator Jonah David Jang

Former Governor, Plateau State .

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