Sunday 12 February 2023


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Issues surrounding, the Eight (8) years administration of Sen. Jonah David Jang, as then governor of Plateau State seems not to have an end, as the Federal Government has reimbursed the state recently with the sum of N6.5bn for building, reconstructing and renovating federal infrastructure in the state.

The administration has also continually come under hard attack by the incumbent All Progressives Congress (APC) administration led by Governor Simon Bako Lalong, at any slight opportunity.

In its recent outing in Wase Local Government Area (LGA) of the state, the APC and Governor Lalong questioned the PDP and Sen. Jang, why they were unable to pay workers’ salaries, as the party (APC) emphasized on its ability and capacity to pay same.

However, in a swift response, Sen. Jonah Jang in a statement signed by his Media Aide, Clinton Garuba questioned why Governor Lalong speaks without tact.

“His outings at campaign rallies, both as DG of the APC presidential campaign and back home in Plateau state have been embarrassing. He speaks without the tact required of leadership and his utterances are akin to verbal diarrhea, words spoken without first weighing the gravity of what is said or lacking in communicative competence”.


According to the statement, “Former Governor Jang is not proud to have left unpaid salaries, but the most recent refund for the infrastructure executed by Jang to the tune N6.5bn is evidence that, he spent Plateau people’s commonwealth in their interest. The recent N6.5bn is only a part of the already refunded funds Jang administration spent in constructing federal roads.

“If Lalong has received such a huge amount, why then is he still owing salaries when there is no infrastructure to justify the spending of the equally huge allocation the state has received in addition to the mindless borrowings he has engaged in.

Adding that, “It is important for Governor Lalong and those who advise him to note that, the 2023 elections is a referendum on the 8 years of the APC in the saddle and if they do not have anything to show, they could simply admit failure and prepare to hand over the reins of power to another party.

“Many discerning hearts need not be surprised at the way Governor Lalong has used every opportunity he got to say disparaging things against the former Governor, having failed woefully to use the instrumentality of government to convict Senator Jang in a court of law over some trumped up charges of corruption. Plateau people saw how he petitioned Governor Jang to both the EFCC and ICPC and went further to line up government officials to bear false witnesses against Jang.

“Thankfully, at the end of the day the truth prevailed, as the courts spoke in very loud voice in defense of Senator Jang. Having lost all the goodwill of 2015 and taking Nigeria, Plateau State inclusive, through harrowing times, the only thing the party can do is to whip up sentiments, as it did in 2015.

“However, they have failed to realize that, Nigerians have seen them for who they truly are and will speak through the polls in a matter of weeks. Taking the Governor serious on his promise to deliver APC in all elections is like believing that, the Naira will be parallel to the Dollar as promised or that electricity would be stable. What one can say at this point is “believe the APC at your peril”. More still, “believe Lalong and have more disappointment”.

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